police car on duty

    March 21, 2021

    Information integration and exchange

    Systematic provides the Danish National Police with a platform for integration into the Schengen Information System.



    • Sharing critical law enforcement data with 26 European countries
    • Integrating pan-European warrants and alerts into the National Police business processes and solutions


    • Agile development of a dedicated client with integration to central Schengen systems and national police case management system
    • Implementation of message based secure communication infrastructure 


    • Flexible and easy management of European cases for the Danish National Police
    • XML based exchange of warrants and alerts including biometric data

    Information across borders

    As part of the Schengen agreement, the Danish National Police participates in the European police cooperation, including the Schengen Information System.

    In 2008, Systematic delivered the SIRENE SIS client to the Danish police. SIRENE allows access to the shared SIS information and communication system. SIRENE supports the working processes related to the Schengen agreement, allowing Denmark to fully participate in the protection of EU’s joint borders. SIRENE communicates with the SIS central servers and local systems in the other Schengen countries through secure messages.

    Technology update and broader business support

    As part of the centralised upgrade to SIS2, Systematic has delivered a new SIRENE2 client implementing a broader business support, new types of warrants and XML communication.