three police officers

    Mobile Police Communication Platform

    Systematic has developed a mobile vehicle IT platform for the Danish National Police



    • Outdated radios, insufficient data access and poor usability
    • End-of-life platform unable to support advanced features


    • Development of new platform based on standard components
    • Agile development and testing in close collaboration with end users


    • Cost efficient standard platform
    • Intuitive and efficient user interface

    From analog to digital

    As old analog radio networks are being replaced by digital networks, old police vehicle data terminals need to be updated. In order to provide a better working environment and a platform for future advanced features, Systematic was commissioned to build a new platform from standard components in close cooperation with the Danish National Police.

    Advanced platform based on standard components

    To keep costs low and the platform open for future expansion, a standard vehicle PC with Windows OS and touchscreen was selected. A unified user interface was developed to integrate Digital TETRA radios, GPS navigation, control of lights/sirens, video recording and dispatch of tasks/messages/waypoints. Continuous deployment and in-vehicle testing was performed in close cooperation with the Danish National Police.