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December 16, 2019

National police of Denmark signs new contract with Systematic on IT solution for police vehicles

The National Police of Denmark has entered into a new contract with Systematic on the vehicle communication solution Bifrost, which is now being extended for the first time to include police motorcycles and civilian patrol vehicles.

After five years of using the IT solution Bifrost in police vehicles, the National Police of Denmark (Rigspolitiet) has, following a negotiated tender, entered a new contract with Systematic.

Bifrost makes it possible to operate the radio, lights and sirens, navigation, video and look-up data in police records – all on a 10-inch screen in the vehicle, or from a slightly smaller model on motorcycles and in the police’s civilian vehicles.

The contract means that Systematic will for the next seven years be responsible for the supply, support, maintenance and further development of the National Police of Denmark’s Bifrost platform. It also means that not only will ordinary patrol vehicles benefit from the solution – Bifrost will also be implemented in civilian patrol cars and police motorcycles.

The National Police of Denmark has been using the Bifrost platform since 2015, when it replaced an older system comprising several separate devices.

Bifrost enables police officers on duty in the patrol cars to access the tools via a touch-sensitive screen. Bifrost is a one-stop system for data look-ups, radio communication and navigation etc. The functions are combined in an integrated, Windows-based solution with a user-friendly interface, and which saves precious time in critical situations. Bifrost is also integrated with the police solution for automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) in a number of patrol cars.

Copyright: Danish National Police

Bifrost is developed by the Danish IT company Systematic, and the system is currently installed in about 450 patrol cars. Systematic is looking forward to continued collaboration with the National Police of Denmark.

“We see the National Police of Denmark’s decision to award the new Bifrost contract to Systematic as a testament to our expertise and experience at developing and maintaining solutions that support the police’s work. Systematic and the National Police of Denmark have been collaborating on software solutions for many years, and it means a lot for us that we can help implement and support a socially relevant task which is performed by the police.”

Flemming Bent Thomsen

Group Senior Vice President

Digital Transformation at Systematic