Border control in Denmark
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January 11, 2022

New Danish border control solution to be delivered by IDEMIA in collaboration with two Danish IT companies

Systematic and Biometric Solutions are key partners for IDEMIA, which won the contract for a new border control solution that will increase security and efficiency at Denmark's ports and airports.

When the Danish National Police sent the border control solution to a tender earlier this year, IDEMIA made a bid for a joint IT solution with Systematic and Biometric Solutions as subcontractors.

The need for a new border control solution is due to new EU regulations that require face image capture and fingerprints to be used to identify travellers at the external borders of the Schengen area from 2022. The new solution includes self-service kiosks, eGates, self-adjusting face cameras, and passport and fingerprint scanners, which will help the police increase security efficiently.

As the main supplier, IDEMIA will be responsible for equipment and the overall delivery of the solution, while Systematic is contributing its software development expertise and in-depth knowledge of Danish police and security matters, gained from previous tasks for the Danish National Police. Systematic will also handle all Danish support of the solution.

Flemming Bent Thomsen, Group Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation at Systematic, looks forward to implementing the solution in collaboration with IDEMIA:

- We are undertaking an important task by supporting the safety and efficiency of Denmark’s ports and airports. Systematic has many years of experience as a strategic advisor and provider of IT solutions to the Danish National Police, national intelligence services, and defence forces and there’s no doubt that the chosen solution will not only help secure Denmark’s borders, but also assist with immigration control and law enforcement searches in both national and international criminal databases. We look forward to taking part in the delivery of this solution with IDEMIA and Biometric Solutions.

The contract with the Danish National Police will run for an initial ten-year period, and covers the development and maintenance of a comprehensive border management system for Denmark’s external Schengen borders.

The new system will address the software and hardware needs of 12,000 Danish officers in border control, immigration and law enforcement.