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March 9, 2016

Systematic builds software for cyber security

According to the Danish National Police Cyber Crime Center, nine out of ten Danish companies have had unauthorised visits to their IT systems. Systematic is experiencing a growing interest in software and systems designed to protect against such intruders.

Cyber security is now on the agenda for both public-sector authorities and private-sector companies. The ever-growing complexity of cybercrime is encouraging more of them to seek solutions that can counter such threats via cyber security.

“We find that the current interest and approach to cyber security is changing. Today it is a discipline that is articulated at senior management level, rather than just by IT departments. The overall nature of this threat creates a need for both attention and resources in this field,” explains Rune Raunow, Director Business Development at Systematic A/S.

New rules

“IT security used to be a geeky, technical discipline – setting up firewalls, managing passwords and so on, but now the need for understanding of IT security is moving further out into the organisations concerned. This entails a need for not only technical knowledge, but also a human and business understanding of the company’s challenges in this brave new world,” continues Rune Raunow.

He emphasises that it is a global challenge.

“Geographical boundaries are being dismantled and threats can come from the other side of the world in a split second. The weakest link in the chain is constantly on display – every second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The company’s IT systems can be configured to resist, but what about the employees, customers, partners and suppliers?” asks Rune Raunow.

This is why any investment in cyber security should be made on the basis of the business case.

“It is important to find a solution that supports the business and doesn’t stifle efficiency. At Systematic, we have experience designing, developing and implementing software for cyber security in network environments. We are seeing increasing interest for both advice and solutions in this specialist field,” Rune Raunow explains.

He adds that Systematic provides consultancy services as well as providing security architecture, enabling customers to build their own system the best possible way.

“We can either build it for the customer or advise the customer on how to build it. Any alterations in the overall security picture should not be allowed to hinder business. The security experts at Systematic have exactly this kind of insight and experience – it’s the core of our mindset,” says Rune Raunow.

One of the advantages of solutions from Systematic is that this software company is able to get different elements to “talk together”. This means that the cyber security solution can often be integrated with customers’ existing systems. At the same time, Systematic solutions are based on future-proof system architectures.

Growing problem

“Over the past years, the volume of cyberespionage against Denmark has increased significantly and the methods and techniques that the various groups use have become more sophisticated,” writes Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (the Danish Defence Intelligence Service) in its first threat assessment of the cyberthreat against Denmark.

It also noted that the threat of cyberespionage and cybercrime against Danish authorities as well as private-sector companies is very high.

“Overall, cybercrime is growing in both scope and complexity, and this impacts both national authorities and private-sector companies of all types,” declares the Center for Cyber Security in the Danish Defence Intelligence Service.

Good advice

Rune Raunow, who works with cyber security solutions on a daily basis, has the following practical advice for zeroing in on the right solution:

  • Remember that this is a business measure and not a technical exercise – this makes it a good idea to balance the business needs with the risk profile.
  • Think long-term about whether the security solution will be able to keep up with company’s needs for continual adjustment and development.
  • Get users involved, to make sure such cyber security measures don’t make it more difficult to be a user, customer, partner, etc. Focus on the usability and functionality of any chosen solution.