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May 27, 2013

The Danish National Police upgrade their patrol cars

The Danish National Police signs contract with Systematic to modernise the Danish patrol cars with an all-in-one solution.

To successfully carry out many of their tasks, police officers have to be able to use computers, radios and data links in their patrol cars. The police officers inside the patrol cars must be able to be in constant communication with their colleagues at the station – communication which up until now has been carried out using separate units like satnav, radio and data terminals.

New generation of vehicle solution for patrol cars

The contract between the Danish National Police and Systematic for 325 computer units for police's patrol cars is the first stage of a new vehicle solution for the patrol cars. The agreement also marks the start of a changeover from the current analogue solution with its many separate units, to a digital, fully integrated Windows-based solution.

Each patrol car will be equipped with a computer unit with a touchscreen that allows the police officers to operate radio, video, data access, satnav, emergency lights, siren and searchlight, i.e. an all-in-one solution. Instead of using separate units such as satnav units and radios with small displays and buttons, the police officers will now use a single 10" touchscreen. The screen is easy to use and intuitive, and can be used quickly and reliably during both routine patrols and in the case of emergencies, and at the same time it is optimised for daytime and nighttime operation.

"The Danish National Police and Systematic have collaborated for many years and we're looking forward to the latest collaboration with the delivery of a new generation of vehicle solution for the Danish patrol cars," says Rune Raunow, Director at Systematic. "The new solution has been developed and designed to support the police officers' work in precisely the situations and conditions they face in their patrol cars everyday. The solution offers exciting options – both here and now and as a platform that will support new technology in the future."