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January 15, 2018

The Danish police sign a new agreement with Systematic

A new four-year agreement with Rigspolitiet (the Danish National Police) ensures that Systematic will continue to provide the Copenhagen Police control centre with maintenance, support and ongoing development.

The Danish National Police has recently signed a new agreement with Systematic to continue collaboration on an IT solution for the running of the Copenhagen Police control centre.

This four-year contract means Systematic will continue to work on the maintenance, support and ongoing development of the IT solution at the heart of Copenhagen Police operations. This system provides the force with the necessary overview to plan and coordinate operations, as well as effective workflows for allocating police resources during those operations.

“The Danish capital is home to more than half a million people, and this means the police have to make a special effort to maintain order and order. This in turn places big demands on the force’s IT systems – and we note with great pleasure that Rigspolitiet has chosen to continue collaborating with us to make this happen. Maintaining, supporting and developing the control centre for the Copenhagen police force is a task we consider really exciting, and we look forward to continuing these efforts,” explains Flemming Bent Thomsen, Group Senior Vice President at Systematic.

Provides the necessary overview

The control centre for the Copenhagen police force (known as Vagtcentralen in Danish) is manned round the clock, and is critical to the day-to-day operations of the force. This is where all police resources are assigned in conjunction with all kinds of different assignments, as well as major actions. This, of course, requires that the system has 100% uptime – it cannot be allowed to break down at any time.

The Systematic solution, bearing the name HS2, provides a geographical overview of all incoming calls and helps to communicate quickly with all the officers in the force, as well as to coordinate their actions and efforts. Reports, status for different resources, etc. are displayed in a graphical interface featuring maps of the city, in order to make sure of the best possible overview of the location of vehicles, personnel and other resources.

Systematic delivered the IT solution that the Danish national police force has been using since 2009, and the new contract will now make it possible to continue this important collaboration. According to the Danish National Police, the Systematic proposal was selected on account of the good balance between quality and price.