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Track record with classified solutions and support

Police, Defence, Intelligence and other government agencies are faced with escalating expectations about their abilities to collect, disseminate, interpret and react to a rapidly increasing amount of information from a growing number of sources.

At the same time, an environment in which intelligence staff can work efficiently requires quick and easy access to shared information. Thus, data security must be comprehensive, effective and reliable, in order to protect partner services and intelligence sources.


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Scalable solutions supporting the business needs of today and tomorrow

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A partner that can deliver secure and accreditable solutions on time and within budget

Proven capabilities

For more than 20 years, Systematic has developed a substantial track record of supplying classified solutions, counselling and systems support for national security customers.

From a military angle, Systematic's experience comes mainly from strategic management of both structured and unstructured information. It also derives from using such information to maintain a consistent, useful picture of what is taking place at each level of operations.

From a civilian angle, Systematic's experience has focused on managing large quantities of data from many different sources and systems. This usually also involves managing legal compliance requirements and integrating structured intelligence information systems (such as GIS and link charts), in order to provide solutions that can analyse as well as display this kind of information.

Extensive experience

From working with customers requiring integrated yet secure systems, Systematic has extensive experience in designing systems to match all levels of security requirements and participate in relevant accreditation processes. We have all the security clearances relevant for working with classified information, solutions and communication tools.

In addition to delivery of products and projects in classified contexts, Systematic has been advising government customers about using advanced capabilities to support new and more effective ways of working. Through our extensive international network of customers, partners and suppliers we maintain a large knowledge of the advanced technologies available to support business needs of our national security customers. For instance, Systematic is a central supplier to PET (Danish Security Intelligence Services). 


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