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Free up time for learning and well-being with the learning platform MoMo

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MoMo - The digital learning platform

MoMo is a learning platform designed for everyday life. With a strong focus on the needs of teachers and students, the solution provides more time for learning and well-being.

We constantly collaborate with our users about MoMo, and take the time to understand what is happening in their everyday lives. This helps make our solution easy to use, and keeps MoMo focused on the things most important to our users.

Simple planning with MoMo

At MoMo, we are careful to make sure that it is you who decides when your course is:

  • Still at the draft stage
  • Ready to be shared with your colleagues at your own school
  • Ready to be seen by parents and students
  • Ready to be shared with colleagues at other schools

In other words, you have full control of all your courses and teaching plans, and how they are shared.



Direct integration with your own teaching schedule.

To-do lists

Get a quick overview of your tasks for the day, and all other relevant notes.


We provide integrations for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, YouTube, and the Danish SkoleTube.

Google Classroom

Transfer courses prepared in MoMo to your Google Classroom.

Successful implementation of MoMo

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Get started with your new digital learning platform

We are with you all the way to make sure you get a good start with using MoMo. You can start using it in small, easy-to-manage steps – to match your particular needs and preferences. Systematic implementation consultants are available to help, to whatever extent you may need.

Easy planning of your day

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The course calendar gives you an overview for planning your own courses as well as those of your colleagues. You can customise how these are shown, to meet your particular needs.

The student plan gives you a simple overview of each student’s learning progress, with automatic summaries of academic level and learning progress, as well as about each student’s suitability for specific types of further education.

In short, MoMo makes it easy to plan your day-to-day teaching.

  • Fill out your annual teaching plan at your own pace
  • Move and correct things with simple drag-and-drop
  • The changes you make appear everywhere, at once
  • View the annual teaching plans for colleagues, classes or subjects

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