Public Library of the year Shortlist 2021

    Public libraries

    • Marrickville Library
    • Deichman Bjørvika
    • Het Predikheren
    • Ningbo Library
    • Forum Groningen

    Marrickville Library

    Marrick library in sunlight Check it out


    Marrickville Library, placed in a Sydney suburb, presents a beautiful adaptive reuse of an existing historical hospital building. The transformation from a hospital building to a vibrant new and modern library is closely developed with the local community. The library presents a strong focus on circular aspects of the building process - even bricks from demolished parts of the old hospital are reused.

    Deichman Bjørvika

    Library in Norway Check it out


    Deichman Bjørvika is a climate-focused, state-of-the-art declaration for a library build for literature. The five-storey sculptural building is located right at the waterfront next to the Oslo Opera house and contains space for 450,000 books wrapped around a large, top-lit atrium, that connects the floors and breaks them into smaller spaces. The ultra-low energy building is environmentally sound as well as architecturally striking.

    Het Predikheren

    Library in Belgium Check it out


    It's hard not to preach the praise of this project. The poetic aspect of an ancient monastery turned into a public space should be enough, but there is more: true sustainability come through transformation and care. Het Predikheren has this in spades. The redevelopment of a baroque monastery ruin retains both a sense of history and mystique. The challenge of starting from an existing building with its own personality has been solved brilliantly, since the features of the original construction have been rigorously respected.

    Ningbo Library

    LIbrary in China Check it out


    Located on the edge of an ecological wetland, the Ningbo New Library is an elegant and spatial library with a distinct and open façade, that welcomes visitors, while casting a shimmering reflection on the lake. The use of natural daylight in all interior spaces is optimized through the rectangular building and natural ventilation is maximized through the central light-filled atrium, that vertically crosses the five levels of the building, and that acts as the backbone of all circulations.

    Forum Groningen

    Library in Holland Check it out


    Bustling with innovation and wonder, Forum Groningen is a cultural masterpiece with all the attraction and comfort future citizens could ever want. As the name suggests, the reference to the Forum Romanum of ancient Rome is clear, with the multi-purposes of the building housing both a cinema, a museum, cafes, a restaurant as well as several meeting rooms and a media/smartlab. The library runs through the entire building connecting itself with the building’s other functions.