• Joy of Reading 2021
  • The Winner in 2021
  • Collaboration with Next Library

Systematic - Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading Award is an international award intended to recognise initiatives or projects that encourage citizens to read. 

Access to information and the fight against illiteracy are very important, and the United Nations’ 2030 goals with regard to education therefore also form the basis for this award.

Illiteracy is a global problem that must be addressed. We want to highlight the work of different projects that are helping to make a difference. This goes hand in hand with Systematic corporate values about contributing to society.

Collaboration with Next Library ®

The award is etablished by Systematic in collaboration with Next Library® – a conference at which library professionals from around the world meet every two years. The award will be handed over again in June 2021 at the Next Library in Aarhus, Denmark.

The award is accompanied by a $10.000 cash money prize and is awarded by an international jury, who will assess all the applications received, select the nominees and the eventual winner.