February 8, 2023

    Kirstine takes Danish library software to Oslo

    Kirstine Marie Riis-Westergaard has been made senior implementation and support consultant for Library & Learning in the software company Systematic, which is behind the library system Cicero.

    Cicero, which is used by Danish primary and lower secondary schools, is now taking its first tentative steps on Norwegian soil, with the City of Oslo’s public libraries (Deichman Bjørvika) choosing the system to underpin their digital universe. Kirstine Riis-Westergaard’s task will be to help implement the solution as well as training and supporting the Norwegian customers.

    “Kirstine possesses invaluable experience as a librarian having worked in both Norway and Denmark. She is a highly skilled communicator, and her knowledge of the working processes in the Norwegian libraries is a huge asset for everyone involved,” says Johnni Brobak Nielsen, Senior Service Desk Manager at Systematic.

    Kirstine has worked as a librarian in Denmark at Greve Library and in Norway at Sola Library, and she has studied and worked in Norway for almost seven years. In light of her insights into Cicero and the working routines at Norwegian libraries, Kirstine is well-equipped to act as the linkman between the Norwegian libraries and Systematic.

    “I’ve become all too aware how important it is to have a good and user-friendly IT system that supports your daily work. As a librarian in Denmark, I enjoyed getting to know Cicero, and I’m looking forward to giving my Norwegian peers the same solid system – adapted, of course, to their requirements,” she says.

    Kirstine Marie Riis-Westergaard took up the position on 1 February 2023.

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