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    December 12, 2022

    Systematic enters Norwegian library market

    The City of Oslo’s 22 public libraries have chosen Systematic’s library solution Cicero as their future platform for supporting libraries and borrowers.

    The Danish software company Systematic has won the tender to supply a new all-in-one library solution for Oslo Public Library (Deichman) in Oslo, which comprises 22 public and special libraries. Deichman’s digital universe will be based on the product Cicero. The solution supports functions such as borrowing, circulation, acquiring new materials and the library user experience. At the same time, the agreement with Deichman marks Systematic’s first step into the Norwegian library market.

    Deichman, which is run by the City of Oslo, has given every municipality in Norway the option of buying access to its agreement with Systematic. Out of 428 Norwegian libraries, 230 have wanted to become ‘optional libraries’, which entitles them to buy and connect to Cicero.

    “We’re tailoring our efforts regarding IT and new systems so that Norwegian libraries are able to adopt the same innovative solutions which have been developed by Deichman in recent years,” says Merete Lie, Department Director at Deichman.

    A digital pioneer

    Deichman stands as a lodestar in the library world both in Norway and internationally, and its recently completed crown jewel, the main library building Deichman Bjørvika in Oslo, is widely praised for its innovative approach to what a modern, citizen-friendly and inclusive library can offer. Systematic Director Jakob Ilum Damsgaard therefore sees Deichman’s choice of a new library IT solution as a seal of quality for Cicero.

    Cicero tailored to Norwegian needs

    Cicero is already being used by all the school and public libraries in Denmark, and by almost 400 libraries in Sweden. Deichman did not simply want a solution, but also a professional partner experienced at delivering high-quality library solutions – and Systematic was therefore an obvious candidate.

    “Deichman now gets a solution that is based on our existing Cicero solution which we’re continually developing with new functions, and thus always supporting the way in which they want to work,” explains Maria Stenholdt Christensen, who is programme manager for the Cicero solution.

    Maria Stenholdt Christensen is thrilled with the project and the prospect of collaborating with Deichman, which she believes holds considerable potential:

    “Together with Deichman, we will create a fantastic solution that will be able to do everything required of a library solution in Norway. It will result in a product that will be able to support the entire Norwegian library market,” she says.

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