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  • Digital solutions for library staff and learning centers
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Digital solutions for library staff and learning centers

The Cicero suite provides library users with the combined benefits of long-term software development and more than 25 years of solid experience meeting the practical needs of library organisations. This gives Cicero software the best possible basis for supporting, extending and strengthening library capabilities, providing administrative IT solutions and digital tools as well as library furnishings and equipment designed to encourage cultural and literary communication.

Cicero makes the library accessible to everyone

Cicero has already proved its worth with a successful rollout in the Danish public library system – widely considered one of the most well-developed and up-to-date library systems in the world, with a strong emphasis on transparency, involvement and easy – and free – public access to all kinds of materials, as well as on extensive nation-wide cooperation between different types of libraries.

Cicero solutions help you with organising, structuring and streamlining these administrative tasks, as well as providing library users with better service. 

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Enables students to use the library anywhere, anytime.



The opportunity to keep the library open throughout the school day.

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User friendly

Intuitive solution based on modern design principles

We have seen the need for a user-friendly, economical and secure library system for our schools, and through the collaboration with Systematic, we can offer it faster and with higher quality than we could have done if we had developed it ourselves.

Tomasz Nowocien

Head of business development and sales at BTJ

Systematic's library solution Cicero

  • Library Management System
  • Cloud solution
  • Web catalog
  • Statistics tool
  • Self-service client

Cicero is a safe choice. The system has been developed in collaboration with libraries and is safe and reliable. We are continuously developing the solution to meet the needs of libraries.

We offer a user-friendly system that can be adapted to different needs. From a simple, mobile solution the librarian can take with to the classroom, to a solution that includes a library system, statistics tool, and a self-service client.

Library Management System

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Cicero Library Management System

The Cicero Library Management System (LMS) ensures a user-friendly administrative system that’s cost-effective in operation. It is a modern, modular library management system that supports the workflows of library staff. The emphasis is on the majority of the functions involved in day-to-day work procedures being easy to find and easy to use, so that even occasional users are able to navigate the system with no effort.

Cloud solution

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Cicero Cloud

The libraries focus on increased flexibility. It is important to be able to access the basics functionality on any device - and without installations. Cicero Cloud is a responsive version of the key features of Cicero LMS. In Cicero Cloud, it is possible to guide users of the library, no matter where they are. Cicero Cloud can be used on all devices, e.g. PC, Chromebook, Mac, smartphone, and tablet. Through a browser or installed as a web app.

Web catalog

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Cicero Surf

In Cicero Surf, all materials are presented in the form of images. Instead of a traditional list of search results, visitors are greeted by a universe of front pages, pictures, and visual inspiration. Cicero Surf caters to all age groups – whether you are young or older, super-user or beginner. A web-based solution that is always available on all digital devices, such as PC, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Cicero Surf increases library accessibility.

Statistics tool

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Cicero Explore

Cicero Explore can help with tangible, uncomplicated business intelligence reporting, enabling identification and optimisation where it counts. Cicero Explore is an add-on product to Cicero LMS, making it possible to use the library’s own data to design reports. There are countless ways of formulating data and presenting it graphically. With Cicero Explore, you are not forced to use standard reports or statistics – in fact, you can compose your own data.

Self-service client

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Cicero Slide

Cicero Slide is your mobile self-service client. Unlike traditional self-service clients, Cicero Slide is available on any screen.