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A simple and intuitive statistics tool

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When data creates value

Libraries and schools are drowning in data. Cicero Explore can help with tangible, uncomplicated business intelligence reporting, enabling identification and optimisation where it counts.
Cicero Explore is an add-on product to Cicero LMS, making it possible to use the library’s own data to design reports. There are countless ways of formulating data and presenting it graphically. You may only use some reports once, while others can be made into fixed, automated reports.
With Cicero Explore, you are not forced to use standard reports or statistics – in fact, you can compose your own data. By doing this, you get reports that are applicable and relevant, and provide deeper insight by delving into your own data in various ways.

Make decisions on the right basis

Data is a vital management tool, but how do you get a structured, automated form of reporting that avoids drowning value in volume? Cicero Explore helps you extract value from your data. For example, you can use it as a management tool to optimise and make the right decisions on operation, procurement and resources in the library and education sector.