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Key customers: Orsted, RWE, Vattenfall

The solution

SITE is a coherent and easy-to-use ‘software as a service’ that ensures process efficiency and delivers the data needed to optimise offshore operations - in construction as well as the O&M phase.

With SITE, operators can import and display a wide range of data related to offshore wind operations, manage processes related to marine coordination, safety and monitoring, and get a uniform reporting of data across multiple windfarms.  

The effect is improved process efficiency executed with full compliance of HSE requirements and a one-stop information hub for retrieval of the data needed for continuous improvement of performance. And most importantly, the ability to drive down the cost of energy produced.

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No more fragmented IT-landscapes

Fragmented IT landscapes

With a growing number of offshore wind farms being managed from centralized onshore hubs, operations managers experience an increasingly fragmented set of IT tools used for monitoring, planning and ensuring that all work is performed according to Quality and HSE standards.  

Because of this fragmentation, the available information often lacks reliability and decisions are usually informed by habits rather than by data driven facts. The many systems also introduce technical complexity and difficulties in keeping the control room team trained to navigate the multiple user interfaces. 

Systematic’s SITE product offers an integrated software system that can reduce this complexity and help users become efficient in their daily operations. 

Full process support

The SITE product suite delivers efficient and reliable support for all offshore wind marine coordination processes:


People Registration and Induction

Easy management of all data on personnel, including type and validity of certificates.

Work Authorisation and Custody

Automated workflows for requesting and grating work authorisations and custody of assets.

Manifesting (Transfer Planning)

A powerful tool for coordinators, with automatic warnings for validity of certifications and qualifications, as well as easy cooperation with subcontractors.


Live tracking

Complete situational awareness of all offshore activities and the ability to quickly and easily change (manifesting) transport plans if emergencies occur and evacuations are executed.



Strong reporting setup provides operators with data on executed operations, and utilises it for continuous improvement of process efficiency.

Preferred partner

Orsted chooses SITE

The largest offshore wind operators have adopted strategies to build an ecosystem of IT systems that facilitate process efficiency and data-driven operational decisions. For these strategies, the Systematic SITE software is the IT tool selected by leading offshore wind operators such as Orsted, Vattenfall and RWE Renewables.

Operations management

SITE features a range of capabilities that support offshore operations management in driving down the cost of energy produced, by applying a data driven approach to improved process efficiency:  


Situational overview

A powerful tool for coordinators, with automatic warnings for validity of certifications and qualifications, as well as easy cooperation with subcontractors.


Alarm Management

Offshore wind farms rely on data from a wide range of different systems that monitor the condition of assets and equipment. Consolidating alarms from these many systems into a single, coherent user interface will help offshore operations centres to simplify the processes needed to take swift action when the need arises.


Business Intelligence

Reporting on logistics operations performance is essential to continuous improvement initiatives. With SITE, all data about people, vessel and helicopter transfers are captured and made available to business intelligence tools using interfaces/dashboards such as PowerBI.  

Interfaces & Integrations

The cornerstone of SITE is the intuitive user interfaces for managing all marine coordination processes. The platform is designed from the ground-up to exist in an ecosystem of multiple IT solutions and therefore contains an extensive set of Data interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

SITE modules More about SITE technology

Open ecosystem

The data interfaces are used to implement import and presentation of data feeds, and the APIs enable other applications to create, replace, update or delete data in SITE. Altogether, the SITE architecture makes it a centrepiece of an ecosystem, being the open integration platform offering a standardised method to scale with future demands for data import and export for analytics.

The SITE product suite consists of the following out-of-the-box modules, all characterised by strong reliability and intuitive user interfaces.


SITE Situation

A powerful tool for monitoring, coordination and tracking of people, means of transport and assets.

SITE Work Authorisation

Automated workflows for requesting and grating work authorisations and custody.

SITE Mobile

Access request workflow for workers, without direct interaction with the control centre.

SITE Induction

An effective easy to use self-service wizard.


SITE Planning

Administrative tool for coordinators in an office environment.

SITE Track

Software application for people location registration.

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