A complete solution for simpler and safer offshore operations

  • Features for optimised operations

The right features for the job

SITE is designed to specifically to solve and simplify offshore operations tasks. From general management to specialist roles, SITE streamlines coordination and ensures safe working conditions. Read on to explore how your organisation can operate efficiently when using SITE.

Features for optimised operations

  • Simplified access permits
  • Compliant construction and operations plans
  • Streamlining Permit to Work procedures
  • Integrated manifesting in the safety management system
  • Improved situational awareness
  • People tracking in your preferred standard
  • Smooth data integration
  • Hassle-free implementation and support

Simplified access permits

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SITE helps offshore administrators quickly review and approve inductions by automating verification of GWO certificates from the WINDA database and managing STCW certificates. Digitising and automating these time-consuming processes ensures full safety compliance and frees up resources to enable leaner operations.

Compliant construction and operations plans

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An increasing number of construction and operations plans include restrictions and documentation requirements for vessel speed within the lease area. SITE ensures full compliance by including all relevant data from vessel AIS track data, as well as monitoring of a vessel’s speed while offering geofencing features, automated alerts, and the ability to log events digitally.

Streamlining Permit to Work procedures

Permit to Work procedures are essential to reduce the risk of accidents and provide a safe working environment for all offshore personnel. SITE provides a complete and efficient overview of tasks and qualified personnel to ensure compliance with guidelines such as universal WTSR procedures, HSG250 in the UK, OSHA in the US, and Electrical Safety Rules.

SITE supports a variety of different documentation methods to fit your setup. From the Work Authorisation procedure with contractor RAMS, to Permit to Work with control of individuals qualifications when assigned an AWP.

Integrated manifesting in the safety management system

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SITE offers automated manifesting to ensure that all personnel and cargo are always accounted for in case of an emergency. The digital process ensures that all personnel meet the requirements for access to a specific asset – and automated manifesting helps ensure that administrators meet HSE requirements for valid certificates as personnel move from asset to asset.

Improved situational awareness

Work at offshore wind farms often involves a variety of vessels and personnel working in proximity to each other, additional marine traffic, and potentially hazardous events such as dangerous weather. SITE helps marine coordinators monitor the state and locations of assets, vessels, helicopters, and personnel as well as changing weather conditions.

The data is gathered from equipment such as AIS and ADS-B receivers, surface radars, weather observation buoys, wave radars, and more. This data can be presented in situational overviews or in dashboards, depending on the preference of the coordinator.

People tracking in your preferred standard

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Offshore wind projects typically have different methods for how to track the location of personnel to ensure compliance with safety procedures. Some rely on VHF communication between marine coordinators and vessel masters. Others rely on RFID cards and some work towards location tracking with smartphones, Bluetooth beacons, and similar technologies. SITE supports every type of people tracking and provides access to easy-to-read overviews. 

Smooth data integration

For efficient daily operations, marine and operations coordinators need seamless access to information from many different data sources. SITE provides a smart API interface to integrate data from sources such as AIS, ADS-B, GIS, weather forecasts/observations, and work orders from CMMS systems (e.g. SAP PM or IBM Maximo). Smart integrations ensure that the captured data is available and readily displayed in the desired format to support lean operation and efficient decision-making.

Hassle-free implementation and support

Successful installation and commissioning to full power, without unforeseen disruptions, is paramount to the success of any offshore wind project. SITE leans on Systematic’s 30 years of software implementation expertise across society-critical sectors to ensure hassle-free implementation and subsequent support.

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