Henrik Sommer, Defence Domain Advisor hos Systematic, og Hans Jørgen Bohlbro, Vice President for product management

December 14, 2022

Accelerating decision-making with intelligent software

In modern military operations, access to relevant and reliable data is crucial to achieving a strategic advantage. The Honnør magazine conveys how Systematic’s defence software transforms battlespace data into military insights and facilitates communication to support decision-making under demanding conditions.

In an article in The Danish Armed Forces’ Honnør magazine, Systematic employees Henrik Sommer, Defence Domain Advisor, and Hans Jørgen Bohlbro, VP of product management, explain how Systematic’s SitaWare suite enables information sharing and improves decision-making on the contemporary battlefield.

The SitaWare suite comprises three core products: SitaWare Edge for dismounted soldiers, SitaWare Frontline for vehicle-based battle management, and SitaWare Headquarters for strategic command and control. Together, the three software solutions enable information exchange from the individual soldier to the brigade commander.

The newest addition to the SitaWare family is SitaWare Insight, a data-driven decision support add-on for SitaWare Headquarters. Using artificial intelligence technology, SitaWare Insight is able to integrate large amounts of raw data from drones, radars, and videos into useful intelligence reports. For example, drone surveillance might only contain five seconds of important information, such as the position of a potential enemy. Artificial intelligence tools then spot and report irregularities in the landscape. Based on this information, military personnel can respond to threats at a higher pace than ever.

The combination of having an integrated chain of communication and a solid data basis helps the commander make the right decisions at the right time. As Sommer concludes in the article:

"The nature of war is governed by the same parameters as always: Time, space, and units. But time has become more important. If the enemy is faster than you, you're the one who loses. The one who is the fastest to get information about the enemy and therefore can make decisions faster is more likely to win."

Read the full article on The Danish Armed Forces' website (In Danish).

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