US military staff in a headquarters using SitaWare Headquarters

October 31, 2023

Danish defence software acquires golden security stamp in USA

After an extensive cybersecurity certification process, Systematic's defence software SitaWare has been included on the US Department of Defense's list of security-approved products. The approval has not only significance in the USA - but in the whole world, says CEO Michael Holm.

There were big smiles on both sides of the Atlantic when it became clear that Systematic's SitaWare software suite had passed the test and achieved the ultimate security approval from the US Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

SitaWare is used by soldiers at all tactical levels to communicate, coordinate, plan and execute tasks and missions and share information between services and allies.

Behind the certification is one of the world's most demanding test and evaluation processes, which is administered by DISA's Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).

US staff in a headquarters using SitaWare Headquarters.

"Being included on this list means that our SitaWare suite can be purchased and used much more quickly by the entire US military to support their critical missions. At the same time, it increases the USA's opportunities for collaboration across services and enables them to participate in joint missions with allies among SitaWare's user base consisting of 50+ countries. Another derived effect is that many other countries look at that list when they are searching for secure systems for their own military procurements. It has never been more important than now to be able to deliver documented secure military systems, which are tested against cyberattacks, because the electromagnetic spectrum and the whole cyber domain are constantly being contested in modern warfare," says Systematic's CEO, Michael Holm.

The US Army uses SitaWare Headquarters as the core of its software infrastructure for managing and controlling military units. The system is currently deployed to hundreds of operational and training units, including corps and division headquarters, unit headquarters and mission training centres. The software has also been implemented to support the US military’s exercises in challenging environments, including coalition exercises with allies.

"As a Commercial Off-The-Shelf product, based on an open architecture and with security as an integrated part of the software development process (DevSecOps), the flexibility, security and possibilities for implementation of the SitaWare package are unlimited," believes Michael Holm, who shares the joy of security approval with his American colleagues in Systematic Inc.


Facts about the SitaWare suite

Systematic's C4ISR*-solution, SitaWare is a command-and-control system, which provides a detailed overview picture of forces, infrastructure, terrain, and buildings in a given area and makes it possible to share information, plan, coordinate and communicate effectively between military units and services.

SitaWare can be used on land, at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace, between all services and between nations. The system integrates military communication networks, surveillance systems and target designation with analysis and decision-support functions and uses artificial intelligence for data processing. It is built with an open architecture, which makes it easy to integrate with other solutions, as well as the users can create their own plug-ins and add-ons which suit their mission and task requirements.

Some of the features included in the SitaWare suite:

SitaWare Headquarters is used by commanders in fixed or mobile headquarters and in joint operations centres.

SitaWare Frontline is used on a tablet, mounted in vehicles.

SitaWare Edge is used on mobile phones by dismounted soldiers.

SitaWare's open architecture makes it possible for users to create their own plug-ins and add-ons that suit their mission and capacity requirements.

The latest added modules to the SitaWare suite are, among others SitaWare Battlefield Health, which handles health data and tasks for the soldiers - from enlistment to deployment and as returned veterans.

Trusted by over 50 countries, SitaWare is used by a variety of nations and organisations, including NATO, the US Army, the British Army, the Australian Army, German Bundeswehr, Danish armed forces, Defence Forces Ireland, and more.

* C4ISR: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

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