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April 3, 2023

Experienced manager returns to Systematic, ready to accelerate the international development of Healthcare

Henrik Mørck Mogensen has been appointed Group Senior Vice President of Systematic’s Healthcare operations, and he will have more than enough on his plate: The software company is behind the electronic health record system in three out of five Danish regions, the electronic care record system in 35 municipalities and a logistics system that has been implemented at hospitals in several European countries. It will now be Henrik’s task to ensure that Systematic continues to develop solutions that match the needs and challenges of the health sector. He will thus find himself at an exciting interface between customers, users and the business.

“Henrik is joining a strong and highly effective team, and his task will be to internationalise our product and service business to strengthen our position even more on the various export markets. In this role, Henrik will bring his considerable business understanding into play as well as his genuine interest in user needs,” says Michael Holm, CEO, Systematic A/S.

Henrik will be stepping into the position after 11 years at Kamstrup, a supplier of intelligent metering solutions and services, and most recently a position as CEO at the digital start-up Frameo. He has worked for Systemic in the past, first as an engineer and then within project management and business development. Now he is returning to the company where he spent the first 12 years of his career.

“I’m very much looking forward to coming back to Systematic. It’s a company that is full of competent and fantastic people, and the high level of expertise and attractive working culture produce extremely solid solutions that make a difference for critical sectors worldwide,” he says.

Henrik is motivated by a strong desire to create value for users:

“The Danish health sector faces a significant challenge: Fewer hands are having to treat an increasing number of patients. Here, health IT and digitalisation can help the health service to continue to provide high – and now perhaps even higher – quality.”

According to Henrik, several countries in the West will face the same challenge. Therefore, he finds the prospect of using software to give the health sector a lift in Denmark and abroad both exciting and meaningful.

Henrik Mørck Mogensen stepped into the position on 1 April 2023.


Henrik Mørck Mogensen – CV

2023 – present: Group Senior Vice President, Healthcare Operations, Systematic

2022 – 2023: CEO, Frameo

2021 – 2022: Senior Vice President, Solution and Service Delivery, Kamstrup

2016 – 2021: Senior Vice President, Electricity, Kamstrup

2018 – 2020: Head of Corporate Strategy, Kamstrup

2016 – 2020: Managing Director, Kamstrup Norway

2011 – 2019: Senior Vice President, Technology, Kamstrup

2008 – 2011: Director, Business Development and Operations, Systematic

2004 – 2008: Senior Program Manager, Systematic

2002 – 2004: Project Manager, Systematic

1999 – 2001: Systems Engineer, Systematic

2016: Executive Master of Business Administration, IMD Business School

2007: Engineering Business Administration, VIA University College

1999: MSc in Software Engineering, Aalborg University

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