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December 20, 2022

Former Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup joins Systematic's Board of Directors

Nick Hækkerup has become a new board member at Systematic.

A new but familiar face will be at the table when the Board of the software company Systematic meets in future. CEO of the Danish Brewers' Association and former Minister of Justice in Denmark Nick Hækkerup joined the company's Board of Directors on 7 December.

Systematic's founder and CEO Michael Holm is delighted to have a competent figure with solid experience from the highest level in Danish politics and extensive knowledge of the public sector on board.

“We are a global company, which delivers critical IT solutions to several parts of the public sector, including the healthcare and defence sectors. Nick comes with 22 years of experience from Danish politics, where for long periods he has assumed high-level political responsibility for several of the areas for which we develop IT solutions. Nick has given us a major advantage by accepting the position,” says Michael Holm.

Nick Hækkerup left Danish politics in May 2022 to become director of the Danish Brewers' Association and looks forward to applying his knowledge and experience to a company that, in his eyes, makes a positive contribution to both the private and public sectors at home and abroad.

“Systematic is helping to digitise our society and support critical sectors with IT infrastructure and intuitive solutions. Their products contribute to ease the work and increase the daily safety of employees in the police, utilities sector, defence, libraries, nursing homes and hospitals, and I am very happy that my knowledge and experience can contribute to precisely this purpose,” says Nick Hækkerup.

Nick Hækkerup graduated as a qualified lawyer and PhD from the University of Copenhagen. He began his political career in municipal politics when, in 1994, he was elected to the city council in Hillerød, where he later became mayor for seven years. In 2007, he was elected to the Danish Parliament for the Social Democrats.

Nick Hækkerup has been the Danish Minister of Defence, Minister for Health and Prevention, Minister for Trade and European Affairs and most recently Minister of Justice. He has held a number of positions on boards and committees, including chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and member of the Finance and Fiscal Affairs Committees.


Systematic’s Board of Directors is composed of:

• Chairman, Peter L. Ravn. Professional Board member, and former group managing director at SimCorp A/S from 2001 to 2012.
• Deputy Chairman, Lars Monrad-Gylling. Professional Board member, and former executive director at KMD A/S.
• Helle Østergaard Kristiansen. CEO at Danske Commodities.
• Timothy Wickham. Partner at Oliver Wyman, Washington DC, USA.
• Nick Hækkerup. Director of Danish Brewers' Association.

Members elected by employees:

• Allan Iversen: Facility Manager at Systematic A/S
• Pernille Keum Hjort Møller: Lead Business Partner, People & Culture at Systematic A/S


See Systematic's Board of Directors here

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