August 30, 2023

Germany buys Danish defence software for its navy

The German armed forces are rearming digitally, and new Danish software will put extra wind in the sails of the navy. The software builds on the globally used command-and-control system SitaWare Headquarters with specially designed maritime functionality.

The German armed forces, the Bundeswehr, and thus also the German Navy, have launched a comprehensive IT project called German Mission Network Block 2 (GMN2), which uses software to solve the challenges of modern conflict zones. As part of this digital upgrade, the Danish company Systematic, which is the world’s leading supplier of command-and-control (C2) systems, has signed a new contract with the Bundeswehr’s procurement organisation, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw).

Like more than 50 other countries, Germany is already using Systematic’s C2 system SitaWare Headquarters, and the Bundeswehr is now expanding the system with SitaWare Maritime and SitaWare Fusion.

“SitaWare is used across different armed services and, not least, countries, which facilitates stronger international collaboration. The fact that Germany is choosing to invest in a maritime upgrade is likely to inspire other countries. We expect the Germans’ experience with the new functionalities will open other countries’ eyes to the possibilities with Fusion and Maritime,” says Stig Meyer, Product Manager, Maritime C2 Systems at Systematic.

World-class maritime technology


The SitaWare suite functions as an advanced digital map, which makes it possible to build up a situational overview of land areas and waters, while at the same time allowing military units to communicate and share data. Moreover, Maritime and Fusion automate a number of manual tasks while improving planning so that operations can continually be adapted as the situation unfolds.

“Modern naval warfare takes place in a complex environment, and in collaboration with units from both air force and army units, and now also from cyberspace. The modern battlefield contains a wealth of data, and utilising them requires that the data are gathered, analysed and presented in a clear and easy way. SitaWare Fusion can transform data to provide useful insights which aid decision-making in otherwise challenging situations,” explains Stig Meyer.

Equipped with SitaWare Maritime and SitaWare Fusion, the German Navy will be able to operate faster and with greater precision while helping to pave the way for stronger fleets and defences forces throughout NATO.

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