Michael Holm chairman of the board at Systematic

March 21, 2024

Michael Holm receives the Danish IT Award 2024

“The 2024 IT Award goes to the founder of Systematic, Michael Holm, who has managed to build one of Denmark’s most successful IT companies, using his unique combination of deep technological understanding and a solid sense of business”.

The declaration was made Thursday evening at the Danish ICT Industry Association’s annual meeting, where the 2024 IT Award was presented. 

“Systematic is one of the major players in the industry and has, as one of the few companies at home, long since surpassed the magical 1,000 employees. Today, Systematic has 1,200 employees and continues to grow, with more employees and a department in Copenhagen,” said Kaare Danielsen, CEO of Jobindex and member of the jury.

Even though Michael chose to pass on the responsibility for the daily management last year, his values continue to live on in the day-to-day at Systematic. As chairman of the board, Michael Holm still has a firm hand at the helm.

Michael Holm, Chairman of the board at Systematic

“The tone is direct, and the style is honest, but the humour is warm. And once you have won Michael’s trust, you have an ally for life. Michael’s approach to leadership and business has today left deep marks in the company’s culture and contributed to its impressive achievements. As a tribute to his unique results, today we celebrate Michael by presenting him with the 2024 IT Award,” said Natasha Friis Saxberg, CEO of the Danish ICT Industry Association.

What the Danish ICT Industry Association says about Michael Holm

With a background in computer science, Michael Holm has been the driving force behind the company’s development and growth, and he has positioned Systematic as a leading provider of software solutions and services, especially within the healthcare sector, defence, and public sector.

Michael Holm’s leadership has been crucial in creating a culture characterised by innovation, quality, and reliability. Under his direction, Systematic has developed a global presence and recognition for its groundbreaking IT solutions.

Michael Holm, who is now the chairman of the board for Systematic, has, over many years, demonstrated a remarkable commitment in various board roles, driven by a passion for creating positive change in both the business world and the local community.

Michael Holm chairman,  Systematic

About the IT Award

The IT Award is an award given by the Danish ICT Industry Association. It is awarded to a person who “in a particularly outstanding way focuses on the Danish IT industry.” According to the Danish ICT Industry Association, the criteria for receiving the prize are that the individual, through “idea creation, business operation, or public office, contributes to a positive development of the IT industry or its companies.”

The jury consists of the founders of  Jobindex and the Danish ICT Industry Association, as well as the winners from the previous two years: serial entrepreneur Kasper Hulthin and David Heinemeier Hansson, programmer, investor, author, and racing driver.

The Award is presented each year at the Danish ICT Industry Association annual meeting.

Here are the previous winners since 1991, when the award was first presented.


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