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March 10, 2023

Systematic appoints experienced IT security head

Karsten Østnæs Rosgaard will be throwing himself wholeheartedly into his new job of managing Systematic’s high IT security and compliance standards. And he has every reason for doing so.

Originally, Karsten Østnæs Rosgaard trained for a life in banking, and thought he would become a bank CEO, but a keen interest in IT, risk management and security took him down another path. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with IT security, risk management and compliance at companies such as Grundfos, Coop, GN Store Nord/ReSound, Maersk Drilling and, most recently, at JN Data.

Karsten Rosgaard

On the 1 March, he stepped into his new role as the new chief information security officer (CISO) for the software company Systematic. Here, he will work to ensure that Systematic will, also in future, be able to live up to the international security requirements and standards associated with delivering critical IT infrastructure for the defence sector, the health service, the police and the security services. The tasks don’t unnerve him in any way – on the contrary; they evoke completely different feelings in him:

“I have two daughters – one serves in the Royal Danish Navy and the other in the Royal Danish Army, while their mother works in the hospital system. Systematic’s solutions help military and health personnel and save lives in hospitals and out on the battlefield. It goes without saying that I’m proud of improving security for the systems that protect my children and contribute to a better society. It adds an extra dimension to the job, which is already hugely exciting,” he says.

Companies that deliver critical infrastructure to the armed forces and the health system in Denmark and abroad are subject to particularly stringent security requirements. Systematic is ISO27001-certified and CMMI5-appraised – and is generally in a good place in terms of IT security and compliance, says the company’s Chief Technology Officer Thomas Jesper Hansen – but it is also an area which is changing all the time.

“We need to be meticulous and forward-looking, because the compliance landscape is continually changing as the threat landscape changes and new and stricter requirements are introduced for companies and systems. Here, the broad and solid experience that Karsten has acquired from working at several large private companies will benefit us tremendously when deciding future development direction – especially within cybersecurity,” says Thomas Jesper Hansen.


Business experience:

2018-2023: JN Data, Senior Vice President, Security & Compliance (CISO); most recently Head of Regulatory Compliance

2016-2018: Maersk Drilling, Head of Information Security & Enterprise Architecture and Master Data (CISO)

2011-2016: Coop Danmark, Head of Tech Risk & Compliance (CISO)

2006-2011: GN Store Nord and GN ReSound, IT Security Director (CISO)

2001-2006: Grundfos, Group IT Security Manager (CISO)

1998-2001: Bankdata, Department Manager


1993-1995: Graduate Diploma, Information Science and Management Accounting, Aarhus University

1986-1990: Graduate Diploma, International Management and Economics

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