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November 8, 2023

Systematic lands a multi-million Euro contract with the British Army

For 15 years, the British Army has used the Danish-developed command-control system SitaWare. Now, a new contract worth approximately EUR 12 million ensures that more soldiers, brigades and allies benefit from the solution.

With a contract for the supply of 1,400 new software licenses for the IT system SitaWare Headquarters, the British Army is expanding its partnership with the Danish software company Systematic.

SitaWare is already used at the British Army's most important headquarters, and with the new contract the other brigades and divisions will also have the opportunity to use the system.

SitaWare provides a detailed overview of forces, infrastructure, terrain and buildings in a given area, and makes it possible to share information, communicate, plan, lead and coordinate effectively between military units and allied forces. SitaWare Headquarters is used by commanders, officers and commanders in fixed or mobile headquarters and operations centres.

"The expansion will strengthen cooperation both internally in the British Army and with its allies, who will get a better overview of the situation, lower risks in combat and easy dissemination of orders and intelligence. SitaWare is a modern and well-tested solution that works on both the latest equipment and on older models while meeting all requirements for cyber security. So it's ready to go,” says James Hamilton, Systematic's UK vice president of business development.

An important step in driving integration across the force and domains

According to Major General John Collyer, Director Information & Chief Information Officer, British Army, the many new licenses will mean that more units can provide intelligence and thus strengthen cooperation and decision-making:

“This significant uplift in SitaWare Headquarters licences ensures the current battle management application is readily accessible at more echelons. This purchase is the latest delivery as part of a wider campaign of Army digital and data exploitation under Programme THEIA to be at the forefront of technological change. The prize is tempo and accuracy in decision-making. As the software is rolled out across our deployable forces it will enable us to adapt quickly to new challenges. More widely, is another important step in driving integration across the force and domains,” says Collyer.

The purchase also includes several new licenses for use by NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC). This will help the ARRC, based in Gloucester, UK, to deploy SitaWare for operations and exercises in and outside of Europe.


About SitaWare

SitaWare is Systematic's *C4ISR software for defense worldwide. (*Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)

SitaWare functions as an advanced, digital map that provides situational overview and allows devices to communicate and share data with each other. It can be used by soldiers at all levels and in all domains. In addition to situational awareness and overview, SitaWare also provides decision support based on collection from all available data sources and with the help of artificial intelligence.
SitaWare enables the sharing of information between countries and their coalition partners and is used by more than 45 countries in support of a variety of missions, including combat, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, evacuations, disaster relief and pandemic response.

The SitaWare program package is used by most major NATO countries and NATO partner countries, including Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA.

SitaWare was created with the aim of increasing the security of deployed soldiers, strengthening alliances and making it easier to make well-informed decisions in critical situations.

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