October 28, 2021

How do you feel after 25 years in Systematic?

"I didn't think about it that much, to begin with. Celebrating 25 years in Systematic doesn't seem that much. I was just here, at work, and I had a lot of fun, and had a lot of hard work, of course.

On the actual day of the celebration, it was very emotional being here after 25 years and seeing the company evolve the way it has, from a small company to what it became. I was the employee with number 25 or 26 in the company. Now we are about 1300 people, and we have a global presence".

Tage's career in Systematic

Tage started his career in Systematic as a developer, coding in C and C++ for our Defence projects. At that time, Systematic was only focusing on Defence. After some years as a developer, Tage decided to make a change in his career and started working with business development, still within our Defence business area.

"At that point, I was also looking into selling our solutions to the police and civil emergency". The next step in Tage's career was moving towards a role in sales support. "I helped our people demonstrate our products because it was getting more and more complex". He has been working in sales support ever since and advanced in the management of Systematic.

Tage is now coordinating Systematics worldwide presence concerning demonstrations and sales, together with our sales department.

Why Systematic

What motivates you to stay in Systematic?

"Every day is so different, well... maybe not every day, but close to. We have so many different customers that need to see different things about our products. We also have different ways to demonstrate our products. These customers have different requirements. We have to imagine what they need, and when we go out there, we need to touch the buttons that trigger them to sell our products and convince them that this is a good solution. For me, it is so fulfilling to do this. That's it!"