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June 1, 2022

Five years of Systematic in Romania

This month, Systematic celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Romanian office. Much has changed in the past five years with a quadruplication in employees and many new roles introduced. One thing though remains the same in the rapid growing branch: The strong identity of being a Systemate. 

Systematic opened its Romanian office in Bucharest in 2017, under the name Systematic Development Center (SDC). Today the office solves various tasks beyond software development.

Not only the number of employees has grown, but also the development opportunities

The most noticeable and easy to track change is the number of employees. Having started off with around 30-40 people, SDC now has around 130 employees. In 2019, SDC had to change offices to accommodate a bigger number of employees. This was a change welcomed by many, as the offices are more modern and mirror the design of the headquarters in Aarhus. 

As the years passed, our colleagues noticed how, aside from being developers, they could take on new roles that hadn’t been available in Romania until then. Now they can also be scrum masters, auditors, or internal trainers, which motivates them to develop their skills even more.   

Roxana Silvia Manea who joined SDC in 2017 as a Systems Engineer, noticed how everything developed in the past years, not only at department level but also company level. She also noted the new roles that have been introduced and the variety of the projects Romanian employees have now the chance to participate in.

 “From the beginning, I was part of the Healthcare department that was still developing at the time. In the meantime, the number of colleagues grew. Internal organisation, new departments, better visibility on the market, all these have improved in the past years. Aside from developer, new roles were introduced, such as: scrum master, auditor, or internal trainer – roles that I’ve had in my career at Systematic. There is also a variety of projects, especially in the Healthcare department, which I participated in, as part of the VNA team: MDI-VNA, Cura, Pandemic, Bespoke.”

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We completely embraced our identity as Systemates

Implementing the same company culture across borders is certainly a challenge for an international company. However, our colleagues feel that from the way our office looks, to the values, and the processes we work with, we have fully stepped into our identity as Systemates – which gives us a sense of belonging. 

Ciprian Rusen, Test Engineer, joined SDC after working for an outsourcing company that collaborated with Systematic. He chose to continue within SDC as he appreciated the processes, the quality of the products, and the way of working. After joining SDC, small steps made him feel closer to being a Systemate. Now, five years later, he feels as part of the company whether he is in the office in Romania, or at the headquarters in Denmark.

“The first major change happened when SDC opened officially. Most of our colleagues in the company chose to continue at Systematic as well because we were impressed by the processes, the quality of the products, and the way of working. Communicating more with the colleagues and participating to the Company Briefing, I felt how the office in Romania was growing. It’s amazing to be part of this journey. When we moved to the current office, a new stage started, and we got even closer to Systematic’s vision. Now I feel like I’m part of Systematic regardless of the location, be it Bucharest, or Aarhus.”

The friendly atmosphere stays the same

Although strongly connected to the company culture, the friendly atmosphere is something that has never changed about SDC. Getting to know their colleagues and meeting those who are in Denmark is a joy to the Romanian Systemates and they are happy that the company culture encourages that.  

The onboarding in Denmark and various social events organised by a group of dedicated employees, are just a few of the opportunities our colleagues have to interact with each other.  

Sebastian Decianu has been working as a Senior Systems Engineer since 2017 and he feels that “the atmosphere was friendly since the beginning, just like it is today”

The past five years meant more colleagues, a new office, more career development opportunities, and a sense of belonging to a community to the Systemates in the Bucharest office. They are grateful for what they have experienced, and they are looking forward to what the future will bring! 

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