December 21, 2021

Former employees return to Systematic

Technically sound products, skilled colleagues and possibilities for personal development are factors that can make employees return to Systematic. 

"I knew the tasks were technical and complex. At the same time, I knew I would return to some competent employees. Those were some of the reasons I returned to Systematic", says Martin Rea, Director CIS, Healthcare operations. 

More than 12% of 2021 hires in Systematic are former employees

Martin is one of the employees who, in 2021, returned to Systematic after working in other companies.
He started as an architect at Systematic in 2003. Then he left the company to work for other firms for some years. Today he is Director of CIS, Healthcare. 

Professional and personal development

"I started as an architect, and then I got into management relatively quickly", says Martin. 

At Systematic, we prioritize professional and personal development. We encourage our employees to acquire new skills and formal proficiency certification.