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March 5, 2024

“I love building things from the ground up”

New Lead Business Partner Mette Vorre is tasked with ensuring that culture, values, and a good working environment are maintained as Systematic hires 100 new employees for a new software development centre in Copenhagen.

With a background as a Business Partner at companies including SimCorp, PwC, and most recently as Head of People & Culture at the Danish IoT scale-up company Secomea, 45-year-old Mette Vorre is well-equipped for her new role as Lead Business Partner for Systematic Defence.

She will support Systematic's recruitment of 100 new software developers, whom the company needs to further build and enhance the defence software currently used by almost all major NATO countries.

The new employees will work at Systematic's new office in Copenhagen, and Mette Vorre's task will include ensuring that culture, values, processes, and a good working environment accompany the expansion.

“There is a challenge in growing from a smaller office with 50 people, primarily consisting of consultants and salespeople, and moving it all to a new, large office and adding 100 developers who will build software solutions,” says Mette Vorre.

With 20 years of experience as a Business Partner, several of them in IT and tech companies, Mette Vorre feels well-prepared for the task.

“In all my previous jobs, I have been involved in building something from the ground up, and I really enjoy that. It's fun to tackle the bumps that arise along the way because it's rare that everything goes exactly as planned when an organisation grows. However, it is important to bring the company's values and culture into the new environment,” she says.

Systematic's headquarters are in Aarhus, and the company has offices in 11 countries.

Mette Vorre joined Systematic on January 1, 2024.


2022-2023: Head of People & Culture, Secomea

2019-2022: EMEA HR Business Partner, CooperSurgical F&G Solutions

2012-2018: Global HR Business Partner, SimCorp

2004-2012: HR Business Partner, PwC


MSc in HR Management, Copenhagen Business School

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