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April 18, 2022

Interns at Systematic: We were given trust from Day 1

After joining Systematic's Bucharest office in November 2021, Diana Dobrescu and Adelina Oprisan were asked to be in charge of recruiting and promoting the internship program and learn how to trust themselves as much as their colleagues do. 

by Diana Dobrescu, Recruitment Intern; Adelina Oprisan, Employer Branding Intern

After volunteering during their studies, Diana and Adelina were looking to expand the experience they have gained within the students' union into a career in human resources and marketing. They found the answer to their professional needs in the shape of an internship at Systematic. Both felt a connection with the company's values and trusted it would provide them with an opportunity to harness their potential. Freedom with responsibility and people-centric were two values that caught their attention. 




"I enjoy working with people; that is why I chose to start my career in human resources. The fact that Systematic puts so much emphasis on its people and their well-being made me realise that here is the right place to be. Each day at work reconfirms this idea and motivates me even more," says Diana, Talent Acquisition intern. 


"Any beginner feels like they're walking on eggshells when joining a company. I knew I would need an environment that would push me out of my comfort zone if I wanted to grow professionally. Systematic offered me this opportunity. You have your colleagues' support and reassurance when you need it, but you still have to make your own choices," notes Adelina, Employer Branding intern. 

Trusted to make the best decision

While looking for a job, Diana knew she needed autonomy in her work, while Adelina was looking for an opportunity to become more independent and take on some of her fears. Both said that working at Systematic enabled them to take ownership of their work and grow professionally. 

"After starting my journey in Systematic, words like 'I trust you will make the best decision' or 'do what you consider is the best' coming from my colleagues showed me that Systematic is a wonderful place to grow professionally and personally. I received not only trust but also support whenever I needed it." 

The trust and support Diana received gave her the confidence to accomplish her tasks. 

"I felt this trust from the beginning when I received the opportunity to coordinate the recruitment process of the internship program, even though I am an intern myself," she explains. 

But what does it mean to be a recruiter? Many would think there are only interviews, but Diana explains that the process is more complex than that. 

"It starts with assessing our needs, and from there, we have a lot of steps to take. In terms of the recruitment process itself, my responsibilities were diverse. I posted the job ad, screened the candidates who applied and then called them to schedule the interview. I also conducted the interviews alongside the hiring managers, and after that, I called the candidates to give them proper feedback," she says.

Changing work environments was a challenge for Adelina, but she knew she would need to take this step if she wanted to gain confidence and develop professionally and personally. 

"Although I heard from the interview that Systematic emphasises autonomy, I was a bit surprised when I started my activity. My mind was telling me that I had to explain and ask for permission at my every step, but that was hardly the case. My colleagues offered support and feedback constantly, which helped me become more confident," she says. 

Adelina was used to a work environment where employees would be given specific tasks and complete them before receiving the next assignments. 

"Switching to a more proactive workplace, where you organise your day-to-day activity, was challenging, and I'm still adjusting to it. Fear of failure, having difficulty making decisions on my own, and trusting myself and what I am doing are some of the concerns I have been dealing with for a while. And what I have been doing at Systematic so far has been helping me overcome them. So, even if it's a long and complex process, I'm glad to be in a place that pushes me further," she says. 

As she got more confident, the tasks and the responsibility grew accordingly. 

"I had the chance to coordinate with Diana and some of the project managers to promote the internship program. Even if the word 'promote' is seemingly simple, the process involved organising a focus group with students to identify their needs and opinions on internships, pinpointing the attraction points of the internship, creating a landing page, and finding other methods to promote the internship among students. As Diana mentioned, she recruited the interns, so having both of us interns in charge of such important tasks is something I haven't heard of before, and I'm so proud we had the chance to do it," Adelina says. 

Having trust, freedom, and a supportive team makes a difference in your activity

After two months of recruiting for and promoting the internship program, Diana and Adelina are now looking for ways to improve the process and ensure the new interns have a good experience at Systematic. Both said they know more than they did five months ago and feel more confident doing tasks they would worry about before. 

"In a nutshell, my experience at Systematic confirms that working in an environment where you have trust, freedom and a team who supports you makes a difference in the results you deliver," concludes Diana. 

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