October 28, 2021

Meet Adrian, Project Manager for a Defence team in Romania

Adrian recently joined Systematic as a Project Manager in the Defence team. He decided to be part of Systematic because of the company’s Danish roots. Adi’s motto is “always make whatever you’re working on, better than when you found it”. Read his story below and find out more about his plans at Systematic.

By Adrian Ionita, Project Manager, Defence

I’ve worked as a developer in IT-Security or FinTech companies for most of my career. I though felt that I could contribute more by taking on jobs coordinating software teams. Hopefully, I can bring order to at least some things that bugged me when working as a developer.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned being a project manager is matching internal growth opportunities to employees’ aspirations. There are almost always some opportunities that are worth considering. When we attempt to make the most of these for the benefit of the employees, they will know someone is looking out for them.

Why Systematic is different from other companies I worked for

After working for many years in primarily French or American companies, I was keen on working in a company with Scandinavian heritage. They focus on people, stick to a well-designed operation model and know that accomplishments follow an exemplary implementation process. These are some of the values that I’ve been looking for in my new employer.

Probably even more important, what convinced me to join Systematic was the recruitment experience itself. All of the questions received during the interview felt like questions I’ve been asking myself for a long time. The workplace feels like an environment that nurtures trust and growth, and I am looking forward to contributing to that.

Be part of the team

I coordinate two full-stack (Angular/Java) teams responsible for developing the SitaWare solution. The project consists of a GIS application for real-time tracking of events in the field and is used for military and civil operations alike.

We are looking to extend the team with five more full-stack developers willing to contribute with Java, Angular and JavaScript knowledge, natural curiosity, and a problem-solving mindset.