November 30, 2021

How can skills from a job as Football Referee be used in as a Test Engineer?

Anna Kjær Schmidt is studying to become a Bachelor of Engineering in Healthcare Technology at Aarhus University.

Besides her studies, she has two jobs – she works as a Junior Test Engineer at Systematic and as a football referee. It seems like two very different worlds, but Anna can use many of the same skills in both jobs.

“I think the most important thing I have learned is to make a plan, but also to be willing to abstract from the plan. Something can happen, and you need to go in another direction.”

“Another thing I need in both jobs is to be able to cooperate with many different kinds of people,” she says.

Anna started as an intern at Systematic. Today, she works as a student worker.

“My job at Systematic has given me a more structured approach which I can use in my job as a referee. It helps because there are many things I need to be on top of before a game. I need to make a game plan, and I need to make sure that all aspects of the game are taken care of.”

Systematic provides flexibility

To make her life as a student and her working life cohesive, Anna needs a high degree of flexibility and understanding at work. “The flexibility I have at Systematic works very well for me”, she says. “My manager is very understanding, and our communication is open and honest.”

Feedback to development

Anna is used to getting feedback in both jobs, and she sees it as a strength.

“After a game, the observers give me three things I was good at and three things I need to get better at. Feedback is important in both jobs for my development.”

"People also care about who you are outside of Systematic"

More than a job

To Anna, her job at Systematic is more than just a nine to five job.

“My job is not just a job, and it’s very important for me to know that people also care about who I am outside of Systematic, because it’s a big part of me.”


“For me, it was important to be able to develop both personally and professionally. Systematic allowed me to do this.”
- Szilard Csongvay, Systems Engineer, Defence

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