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January 16, 2022

What does it mean to work as a Test Engineer?

Edward Brunton, Test Engineer at Systematic says he was surprised at how much responsibility one has as a tester at Systematic. “That was the main reason why I wanted to stay,” he says. “They trust in you”.

Edward Brunton started at Systematic as a Test Engineer while studying for a bachelor's degree in software engineering. He started his career as an intern, then became a student worker. Today he is working full time as a Test Engineer at Systematic.

Working as a Test Engineer at Systematic

"As a tester, you are involved in the early planning and design of new features. During the implementation phase, we check that the features are implemented correctly," says Edward about the role as a Test Engineer.

Edward's educational background in software engineering helps him understand the design, implementation, and goals of the software. "I find that working as a tester has improved my coding because I am more aware of ensuring that it is correct."

Systematic prioritizes employee development

Edward is working as a Test Engineer, but he has also been giving some test management tasks. "It is just another example of how Systematic will always help you learn and try new things if you show an interest", states Edward.

Software Tester

As a software tester, you are a part of a project team and responsible for designing, implementing, and executing software tests. During the initial stage, you uncover potential pitfalls. During the development stage, you assure the quality of the product, and, lastly, you find and eliminate any errors.