October 28, 2021

Meet Razvan, People Manager for a Defence team in Romania

Razvan recently joined Systematic as People Manager for the Defence team. He decided on Systematic because, for him, it is essential to work in an environment where he receives trust and autonomy in his day-to-day job. His mission is to build great teams, help them to develop and reach their full potential. Read his story below and find out more about his plans at Systematic.  

By Razvan Matei, Manager, Defence

I am Razvan, and I joined Systematic this year. I am an engineer passionate about learning new things, which has taken me on an exciting journey through my career.

I started in a military institution as a Telecom Engineer, and after a couple of years, I transitioned to Project Management. Having the wish to work more closely with the team members while creating a safe and trusting working environment, I took on the challenge of being a People Manager at Systematic.

What makes the Systematic a unique workplace

Before applying for the job, I didn't know much about Systematic. The more I read about the company, the more eager I got to take this opportunity and be part of the group. I think that it is essential to do your job, but if your job can impact others' lives, the purpose of your day-to-day job changes.

This is important because the way the products are designed doesn't leave space for confusion during the implementation process. We have clear procedures and standards at the company level, guaranteeing that we deliver on our promises and within our customers' expectations. In Systematic, this is the foundation of our work, meaning that our job has a significant impact on others, an impact facilitated by the end-users of our products.

Razvan's plans at Systematic

At Systematic, I am People Manager for two teams that deliver projects in the Defence department. The projects provided by the team are related to our SitaWare Headquarters application. My team is composed of 10 developers, from which we have eight mid/senior full-stack and two juniors, with a focus on Java, Scala and Angular.

My plans for the team are to maintain and grow the trust in each other and our abilities to create a state of the art product while looking for the best way to enrich my colleagues' creativity. There are few environments where you can say that the application you are working on actually saves lives. We need to be prepared to embrace our creativity to develop and build the latest features.