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June 13, 2022

Systematic celebrates five years in Romania

Systematic’s office in Romania celebrated its five-year anniversary this month throwing a party with special guests founder and CEO of Systematic, Michael Holm, and the Ambassador of Denmark in Romania, H.E. Mr Søren Jensen.

Since 2017, the number of Systematic employees has increased almost fivefold, new roles have been added to the teams, and the activities performed by the Bucharest office – the company’s only development centre – have diversified. Today, the IT solutions developed by Systematic’s Romanian employees are used by organisations in several European countries and beyond.

After five years, there was a lot to celebrate. Recently, Systematic Bucharest was ranked by UndeLucram, the Romanian equivalent to Glassdoor, as the 10th most desirable place to work in the Romanian IT industry competing with more than 100 international IT companies.

To celebrate the anniversary, the company organised a party for the local team, with special guests founder and CEO of Systematic, Michael Holm, and the Ambassador of Denmark in Romania, H.E. Mr Søren Jensen.

systematic development center general manager holding a speech

“The past five years have been an extraordinary adventure. Many new colleagues have come on board, and we have added various roles to the teams. The entire business has grown and I’m sure the adventure will continue in the coming years,” said Lucian Maican, General Manager, Systematic.

group picture of sdc general manager, systematic ceo and mr. ambassador of denmark in romania

H.E. Mr Søren Jensen focused on the strong collaboration between the Danish Embassy in Romania and Systematic. The relationship has resulted in the promotion of Systematic’s solutions in Romania, with explanations of how they are contributing to the digitalisation of the Danish public health, social care and educational systems. To enhance this understanding, Systematic has been open and proactive in providing information and product demos to the Romanian state authorities responsible for digitalising their own institutions.

Michael Holm praised the staff at the Systematic Development Center for their agility and involvement in life-critical application development projects and encouraged employees to join any company project, regardless of the country.

Systematic has been active in Romania since 2015, when it operated in collaboration with two outsourcing companies, acquiring one of them in 2017. Systematic Development Center was established in January 2017 with approximately 30 employees writing code for health sector applications. Today, the local team includes 130 IT specialists, who write code and develop applications for the defence, education and health sectors.

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