October 28, 2021

What have we learned from the corona pandemic?

"In Systematic, we have learned that we are able to a very high extend to keep delivering on time, when we are working remotely, we are able to implement at the customers in different countries. Having said that, we have also learned that some things work better in a physical setting compared to being remote", Group Senior Vice President in People & Culture, Rikke Rønnau points out that we can learn from the pandemic.

Our main learnings from the corona pandemic

“We have seen that the customer engagement and the employee engagement has stayed high. Some employees function better at home, some might not, but on average it has been working well.”

"When it comes to employee satisfaction, we have seen that in general it has worked fine working remotely. Keeping that in mind, we also very strongly believe in the power of the team, the power of cooperation, what we can co-create when we are together, and also the social aspect of being together. In systematic, we believe that there is something beneficial of being together."

Another thing the corona pandemic provided insight into, is the way of working together remotely. "During the pandemic, we all participated online in a setting that became more democratic, when everybody participated on the same terms. We saw some positive benefits participating with the same prerequisite in different settings."

How can we use the learnings in Systematic?

The balance and flexibility 

"We will try to strike a different balance, where there will still be flexibility for the employees. We are trying to turn it a little bit from upside down, so not discussing so much the working from home aspect, but focusing on when and how is it important for us to be together and what are the positive effects we get from those" points out Rikke Rønnau. 

It is also essential to focus on the individual needs we could each have as employees. Taking these into consideration, we can each plan work-from-home days depending on the teams' needs and the tasks we have. We trust that our employees can find the right balance between their own needs, the team's needs and the company's needs.