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Systematic is one of the best companies worldwide at delivering software on time


Systematic’s processes are at a documented high level of maturity for the benefit of our customers: In 2020, 99% of all Systematic’s projects were delivered before or on time, which is quite unique for the IT industry.

Systematic is among the best in the world at delivering software solutions on time, within budget and to the agreed quality. And we have the documentation to prove it. We are one of only a handful of companies worldwide that has managed to maintain a CMMI-appraisal Level 5 since 2005.

CMMI is an international standard for maturity in software development processes, where maturity is measured on a scale of 1-5. Level 1 characterises an immature organisation that has to devote considerable time to fixing bugs, while Level 5 characterises an efficient organisation that works methodically and which continuously challenges and optimises its processes.

The CMMI Level 5 appraisal demonstrates that we are a mature organisation with the discipline required to manage, predict and optimise our development processes, while carrying out ongoing follow-ups and adjustments to ensure that we always deliver the best results to our customers.

The high level of maturity of Sysematic’s processes offers tangible benefits to customers: In 2020, 99% of all Systematic’s projects were delivered before or on time, which is quite unique for the IT industry.

“I’m convinced that more public
IT solutions would prove successful
if suppliers made more of an effort
to become CMMI5-rated.
The appraisal
methods simply
the causes of errors,
delays and budget overruns.”

Michael Holm, founder and CEO,


Delivery on time and at the agreed price and quality

What does it mean for our customers that Systematic is rated CMMI Level 5?


  • You receive high-quality solutions at competitive prices
  • Our projects are delivered on time and within budget
  • You will experience accurate project planning and faster time-to-market for our solutions
  • You receive a well-designed and easy-to-maintain solution at a competitive price
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We combine CMMI5 with agile methods

In projects where our customers want to be closely involved in the development process, we combine CMMI with principles from agile software development. CMMI creates process discipline and organisational structure, while the agile input enhances flexibility. Contact us, and learn more about how we, based on our own maturity, offer CMMI-inspired maturity appraisals of our customers’ software development projects here.