Business Intelligence

Better decisions with business intelligence

Data is synonymous with knowledge and insight, and the whole point of Systematic is to make complex decisions simpler.

Therefore, business intelligence is a significant and growing area within our fleet of IT services. Our team of skilled BI specialists focuses on transforming large and complex data into usable knowledge that will improve the daily working lives of our customers.

So whether it’s a question of finding which books we usually borrow from the library, or pinpointing the peak times at an A&E ward, all our solutions optimise the working processes and strengthen decision-making.

BI, AI - and everything in between

Often, it is not a foregone conclusion which solution gives the best answers to your challenges. Therefore, we offer classic BI services and a wide range of AI services, including automated machine learning solutions.

We use AI, for example, to recognise patterns and shapes, and to then automate time-consuming tasks, and we use machine learning to identify patterns in historical data – and to then predict future actions more precisely and farther ahead into the future.

Common to all the options is the fact that they help you to analyse, understand and make better decisions. Decisions that make a difference for both your users and to your bottom line.

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Business intelligence holds huge potential for basically all business areas – both public and private. And the companies that manage to use data to plan, develop and optimise their processes and products will be those that win in the long term

Erik Søndergaard

Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Systematic