Employees doing project management in Systematic

Project management

Project management

Software development with management and sparring

Strict and strategic project management is crucial for successful software development – whether it involves small development projects or large, business-critical applications.

Our unique combination of methods such as scrums, CMMI and lean ensures a constant focus on the quality of the solution, project economy, delivery plan and ongoing risk assessment. In fact, this method ensures that Systematic is one of the best IT suppliers in terms of delivering on time and within the agreed framework.

No project without Project Managers

Project Managers are vital for every project, as they ensure that everyone works towards successful project completion. Working in close collaboration with you, the customer, the Project Managers make sure that the solution which gives you and your organisation the greatest possible value is always in focus.

The individual Project Manager has overall responsibility for your project and the entire process. This means that you have a fixed contact with in-depth knowledge of your project and all the joint decisions. In brief, it is your guarantee that the project will be successfully implemented. 

Qualified decision-making

Before the start of each project, we make a priority of assessing mutual expectations, and together set out quantifiable goals, for example for progress, quality, testing etc. And then, through ongoing data-gathering, we ensure that we achieve the agreed targets and meet the specific requirements. You can thus be sure that your project will be completed on time – and to the agreed price.

So contact us to hear more about our processes and project management, and how we can help ensure a satisfactory process for your project.