Systematic's Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Systematic, we are driven by the possibility of making a real difference – and where it really makes an impact.

Digitalisation is changing the world by expanding our knowledge, by helping us to better utilise resources and by strengthening collaboration across countries and areas of expertise. This is what we are working for at Systematic, and what we express in our vision:

Together we are transforming society with exceptional software that creates more possibilities and a better world for everyone.

Our focus is on the individual. It must be meaningful and rewarding to work at Systematic, and our employees must be able to thrive – professionally, physically and mentally. For us, the office is somewhere we feel at home. At the point where teamwork, new ideas and different views meet, we are each free to be ourselves – professionally and personally.

We show confidence in our employees from day one. Systematic depends on their motivation and ability to deliver outstanding results, so we have a keen focus on learning, well-being and job satisfaction.

The IT industry is short of women in software development because diversity is a particularly important strength when developing critical solutions for society. In 2021, Systematic signed the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Gender Diversity Pledge, in which we commit to promoting diversity at the workplace. The goal is a 40:60 ratio of women to men by 2030.

However, diversity covers more than gender, and one of the five main themes in Systematic’s strategy for 2022-2025 is to become ‘Truly international – proudly Danish’. We develop solutions for the global market, and therefore, among other things, we are making efforts to employ a larger number of international job candidates. The goal is to ensure a broader and more inclusive organisation, where different perspectives, values and knowledge are brought into play as Systematic grows in different parts of the world.

Our growth and success over the years have given us a solid financial foundation which enables us to give something back to society. We do so by sponsoring organisations, events and causes that lie close to our hearts.

We are also working to reduce our consumption. The risk that climate change will have serious global and long-term consequences is becoming ever more immediate. Therefore, we are working consistently to minimise our environmental and climate footprint by, for example, reducing our CO2 emissions and our consumption of water, energy and materials.

With our newly established CSR Governance Board, we are working in a targeted way with our CSR, including the climate and the environment. Moreover, we have clear guidelines concerning anti-corruption, GDPR and human rights.

You can read more about how we contribute to society in our CSR report as well as in our management commentary, which is part of our annual report for 2021/2022.