Our Contributions

This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2019/2020 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.

Policy for Partnerships, Research, Knowledge & charity

As a successful global company with a record of consistent growth extending over 35 years, we want to share our success and give something back to society, by investing in projects, sponsorships and collaborative efforts. 



Systematic makes a consistent effort to contribute to IT study programmes and research projects, to help make sure graduates are sufficiently qualified to work with the actual, real-world challenges in software development – a field under constant, rapid change. We have to be at the forefront of research as well as practice in this field in order to explore and exploit the full potential of big data. 

If we don’t do this, we risk losing ground to our competitors, both commercially and when attempting to recruit staff with the kinds of specialist capabilities essential for future success. Our current employees have a sense of pride in their workplace as well as an all-important motivation – which Systematic risks losing unless we contribute to high-level educational efforts in this way. 

Job applicants are attracted to a company that visibly demonstrates commitment and involvement in the local community, education and research. Any lack of Systematic participation and contribution to partnerships with educational institutions would result in risks for the company with regard to employees, both current and future.  



We are a successful global company with an impressive, record of consistent growth extending over 35 years. We therefore want to share our success and give something back to society, by investing in many different types of projects, sponsorships and collaborative efforts. 

Our company vision states ‘Together we are transforming society with exceptional software that creates more possibilities and a better world for everyone’, and we are committed to shaping a better future though digitalisation. Our contribution to such digitalisation of society creates economic growth and welfare, and the profits we generate are partly re-invested in innovation and the development of new IT solutions for the benefit of the society at large. 

Besides developing exceptional software, we engage in partnerships with educational and research institutions, public-sector bodies, private companies and NGOs where we contribute with our technological expertise, specific domain knowledge or financial support. 



Contributing to the battle against Covid-19 

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the relevant authorities in Denmark to quickly establishtest centres all over the country, Systematic offered to create an IT solution to provide a complete national overview of the testing capacity of these centres – and to do so free of charge as part of our contribution to combating the pandemic and its effects. 

The system is called Columna Flow Capacity Management, and is an adaptation of a flexible, user-friendly IT system already in use at many Danish hospitals. It took Systematic three weeks to adapt the IT system to these specific new needs, and to implement it in all the Covid-19 test centres in Denmark. 

Passing on our know-how 

Systematic has a special role to play in educating as well as recruiting the next generation of talent in many different disciplines associated with our field of business. We help set the appropriate professional standards, as well as providing the commercial frameworks for students’ future employment. 

We have therefore partnered with several Danish universities to contribute to educating the next generation of IT talents. Systematic staff serve as guest lecturers, and we provide real-world cases for students to work with and learn from. We also organise study-relevant activities at Systematic for students pursuing appropriate courses, including company visits during which they learn about our approach to software development, and Systematic staff help prepare them for life after graduation. 

We are also active in the many different governing bodies for relevant institutions of higher learning, and we provide internships where students learn to put theory in practice, as an integral part of their curriculum. In FY 19/20, we ran 39 internships at our offices in Denmark. 

Getting girls into IT 

Systematic always focuses on recruiting people with the best qualifications to fill vacancies – regardless of age, gender, disability, etc. Systematic supports initiatives to improve the gender balance. 

As part of these efforts, Systematic has sponsored the IT Camp for girls for several years, an initiative that gives Danish upper secondary school girls an insight into studying IT and computer science. The aim is to get girls and young women throughout Denmark to be more interested in IT, and to encourage them to choose a technical career. 

The fight against illiteracy  

Being able to read is an important prerequisite for acquiring knowledge and an understanding of the world, and for developing as a human being. As a supplier of library software, Systematic therefore became involved in founding the international ‘Joy of Reading’ award. This is presented every other year to recognise initiatives that help combat illiteracy – a global problem that Systematic wants to help eradicate. The award is to be presented next time in 2021. 

Rewarding innovative new libraries  

Every year, Systematic also takes part in selecting the world’s best new public library, as part of our efforts to encourage reading. The Public Library of the Year award is presented in cooperation with the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), to recognise newly built libraries or libraries located in facilities not previously used as a library. The nominated libraries are assessed on multiple parameters that include their ability to take into account factors such as digital trends, local culture and sustainability, as well as user wishes and needs. 


Giving families with sick children the opportunity to stay together 

Systematic has been sponsoring a family room at the Tryg Foundation Family House at Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby for many years. This family house provides small apartments and a safe environment for families with children being treated for long-term illnesses. It gives the families the opportunity to stay together during longer periods of hospitalisation. 


Supporting vulnerable women 

‘Reden’(‘the Haven’) is a shelter for vulnerable women in difficult life situations – often due to substance abuse, trafficking and/prostitution. At Reden, these women can come in for a meal, a friendly chat, a bath, counselling or just a break. For years, Systematic has supported the important work done by Reden – not only financially – but also with personalised birthday cakes and joint Christmas dinners. 


Funding a PhD project studying winning cultures in sports and business 

In 2019, Systematic partnered with Aarhus University and the Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (BSH) handball club in a PhD anthropology project to examine how organisations maintain and develop a team culture that promotes performance at a high level. The idea behind the project is to contribute with specific and evidence-based knowledge in this field – findings that Systematic, BSH and other organisations can benefit from. As part of this, PhD student Kasper Helligsøe has been sharing his findings and discussing them in a series of podcasts   


Sponsoring an annual local TestRun 

Systematic is the main sponsor for an annual running event in Aarhus called Systematic TestRun 16K, set up with Aarhus Motion to give local runners a chance to test their form over a slightly longer distance ahead of a local half-marathon and then the summer’s other long-distance races. The setup is similar to that of a half-marathon, with pacesetters, timekeeping, water stations and first-aiders. 



In FY 19/20: 

  • We collaborated with three Danish educational institutions and conducted four Scrum courses for students, to provide them with an introduction to Scrum as part of the Agile methodology.  
  • In collaboration with Danish universities, Systematic employees also provided details of practical experience to supplement the theoretical content of four guest lectures. 
  • Our collaboration with universities extends also to collaborations with students on their final projects. Systematic is currently collaborating on more than five final projects with students from different educational institutions in Denmark. 
  • We had 39 interns working in Systematic business units. 
  • The rapid development of the Columna Flow Capacity Management system and its subsequent implementation in approximately 70 COVID-19 test centres in Denmark underpinned the Danish authorities’ COVID-19 testing strategy, and thus supported the fight against Covid-19. 
  • The Public Library of the Year Award was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions – we hope to be able to present the award belatedly in 2021 to a library built in either 2019 or 2020. 
  • The Systematic TestRun 16K should have taken place in May 2020 but was also cancelled due to Covid-19. However, Systematic extended the sponsorship agreement until 2023.