Corporate Social Responsibility

Our People

Our People

This page is a part of the mandatory statement of corporate social responsibility 2019/2020 according to paragraph 99a of the Danish accounting act.

Policy for human rights, health & safety 

At Systematic, we want our employees to thrive professionally, physically and mentally.  



As an IT company at the forefront of market know-how, with customers among the most demanding and quality-conscious organisations in the world, Systematic is very dependent on its ability to attract highly skilled employees. We also need to keep them satisfied so they remain motivated and want to continue working for the company. 

If any of our employees feel discriminated against or unfairly treated in any way, or are unhappy at their workplace – for whatever reason – it will be difficult to retain their services as well as being difficult to attract or recruit new staff. If they’re dissatisfied, staff who we have spent time, money and precious resources on training, mentoring and encouraging will simply leave, knowing full well that their skills are in high demand in the current employment market. 

Furthermore, our services and products are at risk if our employees don’t perform well or are not motivated to maintain their level of skills or the qualifications needed to do their jobs in rapidly changing technical and commercial environments. 

All these issues can have significant financial consequences for Systematic, as well as for the company’s market reputation as an employer. We are well aware of these dangers and risks, and work hard to counter them and to alleviate their effects. 



Since the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Systematic has had to establish and implement new guidelines to make sure our employees have safe working conditions when working remotely as well as when in the office – if and when permitted. 

The Systematic Code of Conduct describes how we expect our staff to act in a socially responsible way. We do not tolerate discrimination on any grounds whatsoever – whether it be ethnicity, political or other opinion, age, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or union membership. 

We want our employees to thrive professionally, physically and mentally. We therefore aim to create a social, safe and healthy workplace and make sure our employees thrive and enjoy their work, every day. We encourage managers and employees to focus on maintaining a healthy balance between their professional and private lives. 

None of these goals can be achieved satisfactorily without ensuring a high level of job satisfaction among all those working at Systematic. 

By having and implementing such a policy, we aim to be more successful at retaining and developing our current employees as well as at attracting new talent. 


The Systematic Code of Conduct is presented to all new employees, and company management takes this code up for discussion and re-evaluation on a regular basis. 

Employee satisfaction and well-being 

Systematic believes that the most important way to ensure the well-being of its employees is through ongoing, day-to-day dialogue between employees and managers. We want to make sure to have a strong executive management team with clearly defined responsibilities and an ability to lead in accordance with our corporate values. We encourage everyone concerned to discuss any issues or points of uncertainty that may arise. 

We conduct an employee satisfaction survey each month, and the results are used actively in each business unit, department and team as a lever for improvement. Systematic managers are monitored on these feedback results, and work together with all relevant parties – both in-house and external – to implement any improvements identified as necessary. 

Systematic always focuses on recruiting people with the best qualifications, regardless of gender and despite the fact that we operate in a field that is still heavily male-dominated. In 2020, we took note of the intensifying public debate and the current sharpened focus on discrimination and harassment in our society, and conducted an anonymous, worldwide survey among our employees in order to find out whether anyone has experienced discrimination or harassment in conjunction with their work. 

A great workplace – in sickness and in health 

As a response to the challenging working conditions caused by the pandemic, Systematic has appointed Chief Corona Entertainment Officers to create activities aimed at helping people maintain contact with their colleagues as well as keeping up a sense of community despite what can seem like a long-lasting lack of once-normal, direct contact. 

We monitor absenteeism due to sickness on a monthly basis. We follow up on employees struggling with illness or stress, and work together with any appropriate external parties to help support them, if needed. Our goal is to have a sickness absence level (including long-term sickness) below 2.5% – for FY 19/20, the figure was 2.2%. 

To help make sure our employees receive the right support (including financial support) when they suffer age-related afflictions, accidents or critical illness, we run a company pension scheme, and we provide health insurance. These apply in in most countries – but not all – and the exact set-ups differ slightly from country to country on account of local legislation. 

We have implemented several initiatives to reduce illness as well as work-related injuries. This includes focusing specifically on preventing and alleviating stress-related illnesses, with external professional stress coaches and external psychologists assisting when needed. This includes helping Systematic to identify improvements that will help to pro-actively prevent or reduce sickness and work-related injuries. As Systematic jobs often involve considerable deskwork, we also provide a company-subsidised massage scheme aimed at helping prevent strain, injuries and illness related to ergonomics and work posture. 

The Systematic Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHSC)  works continuously to mould and maintain a good, healthy work environment throughout the company. The OHSC currently consists of three work environment representatives and three working managers. For now, the OHSC set-up is only active in Denmark, as required by Danish legislation. 

Staff retention and development 

Ongoing professional development is crucial for the well-being of our employees. At Systematic, our approach to skills development is based on ensuring life-long learning for the benefit of both employees and the company. Employees are invited to development talks to discuss their career aspirations twice a year and monthly one-to-one alignment meetings with their managers. The outcome of such talks includes mutually planned skills development activities that match each employee’s particular capabilities and personal ‘passion’ as well as the overall Systematic strategy. We offer a range of different activities to help implement all this, from formal classroom teaching and mentoring to ‘knowledge networks’ and on-the-job training. 

We monitor how many employees are leaving us – and also how many choose to re-join the company. We use employee exit interviews to help identify which of the identified improvements need priority to improve our staff retention rates. For FY 19/20, employee turnover in Systematic was 11%. For FY 19/20, the target has been set as 10% or less. 

Fun and social activities 

To support the social environment at our workplace, we have a staff association that organises often-unconventional worktime activities like live music during lunch, ice cream and online meditation. There is also a wide range of after-hours activities such as wine tastings, runs, theme parties, trips to the cinema, football and golf tournaments, etc. Obviously, these have all been affected by the many different pandemic-related restrictions encountered in FY 19/20. 

Through the staff association, we encourage our employees to engage in social activities with their colleagues and create networks across the organisation. Systematic supports these activities financially, because we believe such activities contribute to the overall well-being and job satisfaction of our employees and help to strengthen the bond between them. 

The company canteen also plays an important role in ensuring a vibrant, healthy social environment. The canteen at our headquarters in Aarhus has become famous for serving delicious, healthy and primarily organic food to everyone’s liking. 



The measures laid out above are important for ensuring the well-being of our employees, and help us focus and prioritise our efforts with regard to the working environment within the company. 

As a response to the pandemic, systematic had to cancel all planned social events. Instead, the Corona Chief Entertainment Officers have successfully conducted several online social events.  

The results of our worldwide survey to identify cases of discrimination and harassment show that 2,5% of Systematic employees report having experienced bullying, 3,4% have experienced verbal abuse and 1,1% have reported unwanted sexual attention. According to a benchmark figure available from Rambøll, these numbers are below the average for Danish companies. In addition, 0,2-1% have experienced discrimination based on age, gender, religion or disability. (we have no benchmark for these data). 

On the gender issue our efforts in this field during FY 19/20 include: 

  • The board of directors now comprises seven members: five men and two women.  
  • Systematic Group Management comprises eight vice presidents, of whom one is a woman. 
  • 29% of all Systematic managers with staff responsibilities are female. 
  • 31% of all those working at Systematic are female. 
  • The FY 19/20 employee satisfaction target is a score of 69%. This year’s improvements have resulted in a satisfaction score of 71%. 
  • The FY 19/20 target figure for the number of employees leaving the company was 11%, and we achieved this. 
  • We recruited 123 new employees, bringing the total number of employees (headcount) to 948 as of, of which 4% are former Systematic employees re-joining the company. 
  • Our target figure for total absence due to sickness was 3% in FY19/20 (including long-term sickness). The level achieved this year was 2.2%. 
  • Systematic has no knowledge of any violations of our policy for Human Rights in Systematic in 2020.