Michael Holm Systematic



Systematic's management

For Systematic's management, it is a joint task to maintain and expand Systematic's position as a recognised and trusted supplier of critical IT-infrastructure and software solutions to public and private customers worldwide.

"We will continue to develop great software in a strong and innovative organisation - and we will make the world a better place." - Michael Holm.

Besides CEO, Michael Holm, Systematic's top management consists of a CFO and seven Group Senior Vice Presidents, who are each responsible for their own domain.

As a company, Systematic is driven by Michael Holm's vision and desire to contribute to a better world through excellent software.

“I believe that we, at Systematic, can change things through a joint effort. The company's employees must not only be driven by making money, but rather by creating results that are important to a lot of people.” - Michael Holm.

Systematic's Board of Directors

Systematic's Board of Directors consists of five independent members with extensive knowledge and experience in significant business areas, such as finance, digital transformation, defence and the energy industry. Additionally, two employee representatives have also been elected to the Board of Directors.

Below you can read more about Michael Holm, who founded Systematic in 1985 and still manages the company from the headquarters in Aarhus. Moreover, you can also see the individual members of Systematic's board.