Lady who represents Systematic's identity

Our Identity

At Systematic, we know that our solutions are used in situations where there is no room for error.

Our values

Every day, our 1.100 employees work to ensure flawless IT solutions that you can depend on. Everything we do is expressed through our values:



Life-critical decisions are hard to make – sometimes it’s a question of life or death. Systematic makes the complex simple – we are uncomplicated in the way we organise and conduct ourselves, and develop solutions that make it simpler for those having to make critical decisions in the course of their daily work.



Systematic’s relations with its customers and users depend on mutual trust. Our solutions are typically used in critical situations. Therefore, users must be able to rest assured that our solutions always function flawlessly.



Systematic’s customers, partners and employees expect superior results. We strive to do everything a little bit better. And our customers expect high quality combined with on-time and on-budget deliveries.



If we want to stay in the lead, there is only one way – forward. In order to move forward, we must always think ahead and stay two steps in front. We are constantly challenging our work processes and technologies, and think quickly to stay ahead of the game.