Aalborg University Hospital extremely pleased with tracking

On Thursday 17 April, Danish newspaper NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende published articles detailing the success of the Task Management application at Aalborg University Hospital.

What the media said17 April 2014

Task Management streamlines service personnel procedures – wasted trips are avoided and bottlenecks are dealt with efficiently. Task Management was inspired by an existing solution used in the transport sector and it provides a complete overview of the location of tasks and service personnel. Aalborg University Hospital Administrator, Lars Esko, is extremely pleased with the solution: "The system pinpoints bottlenecks and provides a better patient pathway. It's important that the patient is ready when the operating theatre is ready."

Lars Esko also points out that in the future, tracking will also cover things like beds and equipment because it makes logistics much easier to manage. In that regard, Systematic's Bed Management and General Search applications will be ideal solutions that meet Aalborg University Hospital's needs and requirements.

Copyright: NORDJYSKE medier

Tracking - but not supervision

The article also addresses some of the individual concerns that service personnel had in connection with their movements being tracked. However, the application has turned out only to have beneficial consequences because service personnel could now document their work and clarify the reasons for any delays, etc. Service personnel Shop Stewart Jesper Hejlman Hermansen, is very relaxed about tracking: "The system is made to improve conditions for service personnel and improve patient flow. I'm completely confident that the management are not going to use the system as some sort of monitoring tool."

He also points out that the service personnel have worked closely with Systematic during the entire process. This extensive collaboration in shaping the system's functionality and design has created a deep sense of ownership and engagement.

Read the full article (PDF - Danish).