Customised eHealth solutions in close collaboration with our customers


Systematic delivers both bespoke development and solutions based on our standard product suite Columna in close collaboration with our customers. Columna delivers optimal IT support for clinical work processes.

We have extensive experience in the development, integration and project management of complex healthcare IT systems to the healthcare sector. We have senior clinicians and technical staff in our Healthcare team. Our solid knowledge about the clinical workflows at our customers and our insight about HL7 and MEDCOM makes us a strong collaboration partner.

We are a strong partner in the entire process –  from defining goals to implementation and training.

Our solutions are based on modern technologies and service-oriented architecture that provide low risk and high reliability. We deliver solutions on any platform including mobile platforms to support the daily work in the clinic.




Agile Development at a fixed price

How do you combine a fixed price and agile development in IT projects?
As a customer you often need to limit your risks in IT development using fixed price, and you need to be able to develop a solution over time to ensure that it fulfills your needs.
In Systematic, we often look at IT development projects like this; they run from time A to time B. In this project scope we need to monitor the budget and the needs that must be fulfilled. Furthermore, we need to cooperate with third parties during the project period in order to deliver.
On this level of the project we use traditional methodologies like PRINCE2 and PMI to monitor and manage the project.
At the lower level we use agile methodologies like Scrum to coordinate and adjust the project and the solution with the customer as we go along. We also coordinate with the customer on a daily basis in morning meetings.
Hence, we combine traditional project management methods and agile methods in order to ensure that our solution is able to fulfill the customer’s original needs within the boundaries of a fixed budget.

Agile Development at a fixed price

How we combine traditional Project Management with Agile Development



Lean & CMMI5

Systematic always works with an agile mindset, which together with our Lean thinking and CMMI5 certification ensures that we deliver high quality efficiently. We break projects into smaller parts and make regular deliveries to the customer, which makes it possible to reprioritise and adapt during the process.

Our great maturity (CMMI5) requires that we constantly strive towards self-improvement. We therefore continually optimise our development process, which means we can guarantee our customers that we will maintain flexibility and the ability to meet our customers’ demands before it is too late.

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