Deep insight into integration of eHealth IT systems


Systematic has great expertise in and experience with implementation of national solutions for healthcare data based on both IHE, HL7 and MEDCOM. With Systematic as your partner, a high level of delivery safety and maturity is guaranteed due to our CMMI level 5 and our certified project management. We have a solid domain insight and operator knowledge about meta data and data sources as well as a strong know how about standards in the healthcare sector.

Systematic focuses on using our competences in a close interaction with a number of carefully selected partners, always striving for supporting specific customer needs in a documented way with our products and services. Systematic has 25 years of experience as system integrator. The last 12 years as one of Denmark's leading provider of eHealth IT solutions, including both integrations within the hospital domain and national eHealth IT solutions, such as clinical and national databases. This has given us a solid insight into the landscape of large public IT solutions. This insight combined with a strong professional competence within the healthcare sector makes Systematic a strong collaboration partner.


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The National Patient Index (NPI) case is a strong example of our competences within integration. The NPI is a service which makes it possible to obtain references to data about a patient from a variety of different data sources via an index. In other words, the NPI does not itself contain clinical data, but indexes information on where such data is to be found. So, for instance, the NPI draws on information from e-journals, the Danish National Patient Register and the Common Medication Card (FMK). This means that the NPI allows health professionals access to a wide range of relevant patient data across sectors and authorities. Integration and implementation of the NPI solution follow the documented Systematic project model.