A citizen record for the healthcare sector that creates cohesion and an overview across professional areas within the municipality


 MG 6951 Crop


As we see increasing numbers of elderly citizens with more complicated procedures requiring treatment in the primary healthcare sector, there is a greater need for individual and effective treatment ­offers targeted to the individual citizen. 

Cura Care ensures that mono- and interdisciplinary cooperation in relation to the citizen is both efficient and of the highest quality. Cura Care takes a socio-technical approach to documentation, where users have previously typically experienced too many clicks, double documentation and registration for the sake of it. The easily readable user interface and intuitive navigation in Cura Care supports the employee in doing their documentation correctly and efficiently, thereby freeing up time for both dialogue and support to the citizen.

As the ‘good colleague’, Cura Care offers employees an overview of relevant information, the day’s tasks and the citizen’s information regardless of whether the employees are working in the office or via a mobile device in the citizen’s home. The citizen will be met by employees who are well-informed of their situation and needs, while the employee can quickly document new relevant information in the citizen’s record. This allows the information to benefit other employees, and thus the citizen, immediately.




  • Is built up around FSIII and structured data
  • Simple user interface and intuitive navigation
  • Supports correct case handling
  • Supports interdisciplinary and cross-sector cooperation in relation to the citizen
  • Supports a cohesive workflow and working approach in relation to home help and nursing care, rehabilitation, health promotion and prevention etc. 
  • Easy-to-use mobile design and offline functionality for employees on the go


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