Cura Housing makes it easy for employees to match citizens with relevant housing and places


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The great demand for housing and accommodation for both senior and younger citizens in the municipality requires simple working methods for employees who need to find the most suitable housing or accommodation for the citizen.

The Cura Housing module is part of the electronic citizen’s record Columna Cura, which streamlines and simplifies the tasks regarding assessments and allocation of the municipality’s housing and accommodation regardless of whether there are one or more employees involved in the process. The module gives employees an overview of citizens on the waiting list, available housing, current residence including any moving date and unavailable periods.

Different parameters, such as locality and facilities, make it easy to find precisely the house or accommodation that best matches the citizen’s wishes and needs This means, for example, that the module can help the employee find an accessible house for a citizen who uses a wheelchair.


Cura Housing

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  • Better management and allocation of senior and care homes as well as sheltered housing accommodation, day care and activity centres
  • Better utilisation of temporary accommodation and respite care
  • Matching of citizen with a suitable house or accommodation
  • Better overview of citizens and the municipality’s housing and accommodation  
  • Structured data ensures relevant financial and management information


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