One complete citizen record for the social and care sector, which supports core tasks within the local authority and providers in relation to marginalised and disabled adults


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The volume of complex cases within the specialised social area is growing. These cases require a greater focus on the individual citizen, where a personal initiative focused on the individual’s living situation is essential. It is therefore crucial that the work regarding the citizen is performed more effectively in terms of working procedures, cooperation and documenta­tion.

Cura Social is a powerful digital tool that is adapted to the individual employee’s working processes and that focuses on the interdisciplinary cooperation around the citizen. Cura Social’s intelligent and intuitive user interface ensures the efficient execution of documentation and coordination tasks, which frees up time that can be used on the municipality’s citizens instead. For example, the user in Cura Social is made proactively aware of the information that is relevant in the situation, which reduces screen time and increases the quality of the efforts in relation to the individual citizen.

Cura Social creates an overview and insight, both locally of the individual cases and centrally in terms of financing and activities generally in the municipality. For example, it is possible to view statistics and financial details right down to case level.


Cura Social 

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  • Ensures the municipality can comply with specific documentation requirements for the specialised social work sector
  • Streamlining of manual processes via the digitalised cooperation between local authority, provider and finance system
  • Relevant information on the citizen is collected in one place, which can be shared across a number of professionals
  • Opportunity to adapt the solution so it is tailored to the municipality’s working procedures
  • Gives full digital support for presenting cases to a panel of experts


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